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Are $300 Jeans an Innovation?


I came across an interesting article by Chip Heath and Dan Heath in Fast Company. The article hypothesizes that people’s enjoyment of luxury goods has moved beyond the feeling of status to personal enjoyment. Think about the concept of wine connoisseurs moving beyond wines to jeans, watches, mens dress shirts, and even coffee. Traditional luxury goods consumers would prefer that ...

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The Second Coming of the Retail Health Clinic


There used to be a day when you could go to your local barber and get all sorts of wonderful health treatments. That fortunately or unfortunately faded with the old west. That day is returning however, or at least in a slightly different fashion. All across the nation companies like MinuteClinic are opening locations in drug stores like CVS. What ...

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Can Microsoft out-innovate Google?


Microsoft announced today a round of updates to its Live Search offering. Searchengineland had a good story on the developments. Microsoft, a late comer to the search engine game, has stepped up their pursuit of the number two spot, putting Google and Yahoo! on notice that they are serious about playing in this market. Microsoft already has arguably the best ...

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People powered search as an innovation?


An article in Fast Company recently waxed on about and Jason Calacanis as if they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. We live in an amazing world. Where else but on the web could you create a half baked product, launch it, and get someone else to pay you to provide the functionality necessary to provide a complete ...

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Innovation at the Bottom


Came across an article on a BusinessWeek blog talking about the One Laptop Per Child project announcing their plan to offer a line of accessories. The article talks about a $10 DVD Player and a $100 Projector, and how they might be a boon to entrepreneurs in developing countries when paired with the low cost XO laptop. Innovation at the ...

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Devil in the Details – Strategic Innovation


There is more talk about strategic innovation every day. As more and more industries enter their commodity phase, companies are looking to differentiate themselves and increasingly they are turning to strategic innovation to do so. The art of strategic innovation has been the subject of many books including: Dealing with Darwin, Blue Ocean Strategy, and Fast Second. Books on the ...

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Why Municipal WiFi is a Bad Idea


I saw a headline today in USA Today about Municipal WiFi and how many cities are pulling the plug on planned Municipal WiFi setups. After thinking about it, I must say that I am glad because Municipal WiFi is not money well spent. Let’s think about this for a moment. What is the goal of a Municipal WiFi system? Is ...

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Time Kills Innovative Magazine

From an article in the NY Times: “The latest dot-com casualty comes from the newsstand, not the Internet. Ten editorial staff members from Business 2.0 will join Time Inc.’s Fortune magazine. Business 2.0, a monthly magazine about the new economy, will be shut down rather than sold, its owners at Time Inc. have decided. The publication, which has been suffering ...

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Will iPod Touch Drive iPhone Innovation?


The iPod Touch has the potential to be the most under-appreciated product launch of 2007. Largely viewed as underwhelming in the wake of the June launch of the iPhone, the iPod Touch has the potential to be the Trojan Horse for future iPhone enhancements. This could instead position it as one of the most important product launches of 2007. The ...

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Learning Innovations from Microsoft

Want to read up on the latest technologies or innovative business thinking? If you’re committed to continuous learning to maintain your edge in your career, then no doubt you are frequently making trips to Borders or Barnes & Noble, or perhaps online to Amazon to purchase the latest business, technology, or self improvement books. If you are really green and ...

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