Monthly Archives: October 2007

Will the iPhone Come to T-Mobile?


Lost in the noise this week was an announcement of a settlement in a legal dispute in which Sprint agreed to help current and former customers unlock their phones for use on other CDMA networks like Verizon. At the same time, they agreed to help customers wishing to bring an unlocked phone onto their network. This settlement is limited to ...

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How Charity could help spread Innovation


Every once in a while innovations come along that offer profitable opportunities for the inventors and business minds that turn them into innovations, but offer even greater possibilities for humanity if widely adopted. I read an article in Fast Company recently that struck me as one of those opportunities. It profiles a mechanic name Jonathan Goodwin and his fuel efficiency ...

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How Small is Too Small?


When it comes to a hotel room, how small is too small. There are several new entrants into the hotel market that are promising to shrink not only the price of a room, but the size of it as well. At first it sounds a lot like New York’s tiny hotel rooms, but the comparison stops there because those digs ...

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Most Successful Loser in History


I came across an interesting branding article on a BusinessWeek blog the other day about Al Gore, and I have to say one thing about Al Gore: Has there ever been a more successful loser in history? Al Gore lost or “lost” the 2000 Presidential election (depending on who you’re talking to), and since then has gone on to amass ...

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Sony’s Big Bet on Blu-ray


Sony has probably made its single biggest gamble to date with the Playstation 3. Lost in all of the stories about Sony’s recent struggles, is the monumental importance of Blu-ray succeeding. Sony has bet the future of two of its strategic pillars (video playback and video gaming) on Blu-ray’s success. These two strategic pillars are out on the table in ...

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Digital Photos Go Wireless


There was an interesting piece of news last month from a company called Eye-Fi that has come up with technology to enable digital cameras using SD memory cards to transfer photos wirelessly. The company has engineered a solution that combines 2GB of memory and WiFi in an SD memory card format. No more fumbling for cables. My camera doesn’t use ...

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Followup: Innovation Loves the Early Adopter


Best Buy announced today that it has exited the analog TV business. Of course, this makes it easier for them to promote that all televisions purchased in their store will work in the all-digital future, but buried in the press release was a statement about the availabilty of converter boxes. Those choosing to be in the late majority and laggard ...

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Free for All – Will Telco’s Adapt?


Free phone calls. Will they prove to be a passing fad or will the telecommunications companies have to learn to adapt to a world where people expect to communicate for free (or nearly so)? First it was Skype, then it was Jajah and iChat, but we also can’t forget the impact that Vonage has had despite its financial struggles. The ...

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Buttoned-up Innovation – Jajah Buttons


Today’s telecommunications world is full of choices. It used to be that if you wanted to call someone, you picked up your landline and made a call. Now you can use a landline, a calling card, a mobile phone, a VOIP phone, Skype, or Jajah. Different options have their own best uses. If I want to dial in to a ...

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