Monthly Archives: May 2008

Food Innovation – New Tastes using Old Methods


Ever notice how long food ingredient lists have gotten over the past thirty or forty years? Distribution and logistics hurdles used to require that food was a local and fresh affair. Then television and new distribution and logistics capabilities enabled the creation of regional and then national grocery chains. This encouraged companies to make one centralized product in quantity for ...

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Announcing the Innovation Community

I am pleased to announce the launch of the new multi-author Innovation Community at The Innovation Community provides: A forum for people interested in driving business results and discussing innovation topics Centralized access to the writings and videos of several visionaries:– Gary Hamel, Clayton Christensen, Geoffrey Moore, Michael Raynor, Braden Kelley, David Sable, Stephen Shapiro, and the minds of ...

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A Mobile Dining Innovation


          VS.           OK, there aren’t too many food concepts that I would call innovative, but here is one: It’s a business that is starting up here in Seattle called Skillet Street Food. It’s concept is that it retrofits Airstreams into working, mobile kitchens that serve “evolved cuisine” during breakfast and lunch at locations that change day-to-day. But not day-to-day in the ...

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Why MyStarbucksIdea is a Bad Idea


Today we will examine Starbucks’ open innovation attempt – MyStarbucksIdea. You may have come across it already, but it is worth examining because it represents one of the largest open innovation efforts to date, and it is the first I have seen built on a customized platform. Some might say it is just a fancy suggestion box and not ...

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