Monthly Archives: June 2008

The Napkin PC and Other Innovative Ideas


I came across the web site for a Microsoft-sponsored alternative computing form factor contest the other day, and I must say there were a few interesting ideas that might help people begin to see the future of computing. The most interesting concept was coincidentally the winner of the contest, the Napkin PC. If you follow the link above you’ll see ...

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Battle for Mobile Dominance Escalates


Lest anyone thought that Apple and Google’s latest assaults on Nokia’s dominance in the mobile space would go unchallenged, news came out today that Nokia is acquiring the rest of Symbian that it did not already own. This would be interesting news by itself, but Nokia, recognizing that its future as a handset manufacturer is at risk ratcheted up the ...

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iPhone Pro Update


For those skeptics out there who doubt that Apple will launch an iPhone Pro sometime between October 2008 and January 2009 at Macworld, check out this BusinessWeek article. The synopsis is that the iPhone 3G is $53/unit cheaper to manufacture than the original iPhone according to analysts. This puts the cost to produce the iPhone 3G at $173 versus $226 ...

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The Second Coming of the iPhone


To commemorate the launch of the second version of Apple’s iPhone, I’d like to revisit my original iPhone article from one year ago. In that article I theorized why the iPhone would not succeed, at least not in its first incarnation, and why it would not be until its third version that it would be a runaway success. So, one ...

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