Monthly Archives: March 2009

Circuit City Short Circuits


As many readers already know, Circuit City has been wiped from the face of the retail planet. Doomed by poor management and an inability to compete in the marketplace any longer. In 2007 it would seem that Circuit City decided customers only care about price when it comes to consumer electronics, and Circuit City shed their highest paid employees to ...

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Disruptive Innovations in the Gaming Industry?

I came across an article on Windows Live the other day highlighting a couple of potential distruptive innovations in the gaming industry that I thought I would share with you. The first is OnLive, based in Silicon Valley, which simply put is Video Games On Demand. No downloading, no physical media, just click and play. All you have to do ...

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Beyond the Amazon Kindle

I came across a video on BNet on the future of ink. Electronic ink (aka electronic paper) is the display technology powering the Amazon Kindle and pretty much every other serious digital book reader out there. The technology is also being tested with store signage in Wal-Mart and was used to power a multimedia panel on the cover of Esquire. ...

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Best Kept Secret in Wireless Innovation


I came across an article in Fast Company on a wireless technology standard that I think most people (especially non-techies) have probably never heard of – ZigBee. ZigBee is a wireless technology that uses significantly less power than WiFi and as a result is ideal for monitoring applications. The application detailed in the Fast Company article was a remote healthcare ...

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Celebrating 20 Years of the Internet

To celebrate the twenty year anniversary of the Internet, here is a video of Tim Berners-Lee talking about the birth of the Internet and where things may go from here. For his next project, he’s building a web for open, linked data that could do for numbers what the Web did for words, pictures, and video – to unlock our ...

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World Innovation Forum 2009

The World Innovation Forum will take place May 5-6, 2009 in New York City. May 1, 2009 is the last day of the $410 discount. I will be a featured blogger at the event, and as a special service to my loyal readers I have negotiated an extra $200 discount when you register using the discount code – INNOVATE. Speakers ...

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Interview – IdeaConnection CEO – Scott Wurtele


I had the opportunity to meet interview Scott Wurtele, CEO of IdeaConnection when he was down from Canada this week. I also had the opportunity to meet his lovely wife Wendy Wurtele, VP of Design for the company. They started IdeaConnection part-time a couple of years ago and began focusing on it full-time about eight months ago when they sold ...

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Trickle-Up Innovation

Trickle-Up Innovation is a topic you will hear more and more about. Innovations currently tend to be commercialized in the developed countries and then distributed in the developing world. Trickle-Up Innovation turns that model on its head by commercializing products or services in developing countries and then adapting them for the developed world. Trickle-Up Innovation does not displace the traditional ...

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Effective Conversational Marketing


Business Strategy Innovation just published a white paper to its web site on“Effective Conversational Marketing.” Here is an excerpt: “Introduction What is conversational marketing? Conversational marketing is relationship marketing for the social media age. Thinking about your marketing efforts in terms of a conversation changes the approach and better integrates social media. Relationships are something that are formed, but conversations ...

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