Monthly Archives: May 2009

Instinctual Innovation versus Intellectual Innovation


One of the best Twitter names that I’ve come across recently is @ShowerThinker. It’s an account for an inventor that makes post-it notes for the shower called Aqua Notes. This Twitter name captures a well-understood fact – that a lot of great ideas (and ultimately innovations) come to us not from brainstorming, but from the connection to our subconscious that ...

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Seth Godin on the Tribes We Lead


You may have heard about Seth Godin’s concept of tribes. Well, here is a video from the TED conference that lays it all out: As we move on from the mass marketing epoch of history, we move into an epoch where there will be many tribes, organized around different interests, that will be looking for leaders and ideas that they ...

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World Innovation Forum Posts (updated)


I recently updated some of my World Innovation Forum (May 5-6, 2009) posts to add slides for some of the presentations. You can also download the World Innovation Forum Executive Summary from our site – lovingly assembled by business analysts from ExecuNet. The conference lineup included – Paul Saffo, CK Prahalad, Vijay Govindarajan, Clayton Christensen, Fred Krupp, and Dan Ariely ...

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Moving Forward by Moving Back

As you may know, I love chocolate milk and occasionally blog about it. Today I’m a happy man. I finally found a new chocolate milk worth drinking after Wilcox Farms quite making it (they made one of the best chocolate milks ever). This new chocolate milk is from a semi-local dairy called Twin Brooks Creamery that does things the old-fashioned ...

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World Innovation Forum Wrapup


Stu Miniman tagged this photo with Twitter identities I recently had the opportunity to attend the World Innovation Forum (May 5-6, 2009) and a couple of pre-conference events on May 4, 2009 – the ?WhatIf! Innovation Forum and the Paul Saffo Workshop. I was invited to blog and tweet from the balcony at the World Innovation Forum as a member ...

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