Monthly Archives: August 2009

Apple Tablet or iPhone Accessory?


There is a lot of chatter out there focusing on the possibility of a new Apple Tablet being announced at Apple’s next media event on September 9, 2009. Will Apple launch a tablet computer? Does it make sense for Apple to do so? Let’s look at the current state of the market for computing devices: Many companies and individuals have ...

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Design Driven Innovation


I was pondering recently why it can be so hard for a large firm to innovate successfully. Too often it seems we are trying to graft an innovation capability or process on top of existing teams and workflows. While these grafted processes can work effectively for a short time, while the white hot focus of management is felt, often these ...

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Keep Your Cool. Speed Can Kill.

I recently came across an interesting quote from Michael Schumacher, the seven-time Formula One champion. He said, “To perfect things, speed is a unifying force. To imperfect things, speed is a destructive force.” Business, like auto racing, is a world of imperfect things. Always has been. But as the pace of change continues to increase, both the danger and the ...

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Rewarding People for Helping the Planet


by Kevin Roberts If guilt is the gift that keeps on giving, here’s an easy way to break its grip. We’re all aware of the things that we can be doing to improve society, the community, the environment – but frequently we don’t get around to activating this desire, usually because it involves sacrifice or getting around some inconvenience. Recycling ...

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Is Tide Basic an Innovation?


Adam Hartung, Managing Partner of Spark Partners, a strategy and transformation consultancy, asked this question on LinkedIn: “Do you think “Tide Basic,” a less-good formulation, is an innovation? Isn’t innovation about making things better and cheaper, not just cheaper?” The genesis of the question is a story in the Wall Street Journal describing why P&G recently rolled out Tide Basic. ...

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Unexpected Inspiration


Sometimes, try as you might, it’s impossible to focus on the task at hand. When you can’t focus, one alternative is to accept the mental roadblock and actively look for another time (perhaps an unconventional one) where you can shift the activity and your creative energy. At dinner recently, we had a very specific business topic (that had been hanging ...

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Innovating Health Care with S.I.T.


(The LAB: August 2009) by Drew Boyd Health Care Reform, as the U.S. government sees it, promises lower costs, better access, and improved quality for all. Let’s apply a structured innovation method to health care to see if we can achieve some of these goals. For this month’s LAB, we will apply Systematic Inventive Thinking to the hospital discharge process. ...

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How Not to Implement Open Innovation


Let me start out by saying that it is purely accidental that I am lashing out at Campbell Soup Company in this blog post. It could have been several other companies as Campbell has not really done things that have not been done at other companies that set up programs to accept innovative ideas from external sources. While their intentions ...

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Personal Innovation – Profiting from Uncertainty


How can you ensure that in turbulent times you not only survive the organizational restructuring but actually benefit by it? Most businesses are having to change not once but over and over in order to meet the challenges of recession, competition and technology convergence. Some changes are all about cutting costs, although they may be called something else. Others are ...

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