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Importance of Enterprise 2.0 Connections to Innovation ROI

In a recent post on the Spigit blog, Study – Collaborative Networks Produce Better Ideas, I described the research of Professor Ronald Burt. He found that employees who are better connected across the organization generate higher quality ideas than those with limited connections. Wider access to the ideas, knowledge, experiences and judgment of colleagues makes employees stronger in innovation. I ...

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Personal Branding When You're 25 x 2

Architect Thinking

Thanks to a tweet from Richard Dedor, Chris Reaburn and I were last minute attendees at a Kansas City PRSA lunch session by Dan Schawbel based on his book “Me 2.0 – Build a Personal Brand to Achieve Career Success.” The talk was part of a career day for students interested in PR, so the average audience age was 20. ...

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The Right Way to do Social Media


Click above to Enlargeby Braden Kelley Unfortunately, more often than not I see examples of social media strategy gone wrong. So, it stands out when I see a company like Lufthansa doing social media the right way – at least with their MySkyStatus site. Let’s look briefly at why this is a good execution of a social media strategy: Easy ...

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A Billion Views Cannot Be Wrong


by Kevin Roberts TV will never die, YouTube will never kill it. YouTube (or its future manifestations) will never die either, TV will never kill it. We’re in the world of and/and, where possibilities are not mutually exclusive and creative exposure is based on merit. A couple of weeks ago, YouTube hit a billion views a day, and the inevitable ...

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Building an Innovation Engine in China


I recently made another trip to China. My purpose was to meet with innovation leaders in order to build further on my understanding of the Chinese innovation community and thus on my global perspectives on innovation. I had a couple of meetings and I did an improvised session at a company. Having met about 15 people and having spent 5 ...

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Conference Report – The Power to Innovate

Congratulations to the team at Invention Machine for hosting this week’s conference, Power to Innovate, at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. The theme of the conference centered around the Innovation Intelligence EcosystemTM and how companies can boost performance by coordinating information, communities, and innovation activities. Invention Machine’s premier product, Goldfire, is at the center of this ecosystem. “Goldfire is a ...

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A Running and Jumping Robot


I don’t do a lot of technology features, but when I saw this video I just had to share it because the movement capabilities of this small humanoid robot from Japan are pretty amazing. It’s called ROPID the walking, running, and jumping robot. Check out the video: Braden Kelley is the editor of Blogging Innovation and founder of Business Strategy ...

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Developing an Innovation Culture (the TBX approach)


Having been involved in several efforts on developing the innovation culture within companies, I have learned that you need to work with three organizational approaches. I call this the TBX approach: T (Top Down) Get the executives onboard and make them personally committed to the innovation activities. Without executive support, no change occurs. B (Bottom Up) Value creation begins with ...

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Twitter Lists Now Live – Some Tips


Surprise, surprise… Twitter Lists have been talked about for some time, but are now live. I’ve created an innovation list here: Please feel free to follow along, or make your case for your own favorite innovation tweeter (or yourself) to be included in the list by stating your opinion as a comment on this blog post. For those of ...

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Developing an Innovation Vision


You cannot expect your team to be innovative if they do not know the direction in which they are headed. Innovation must have a purpose. It is up to the leader to set the course and give a bearing for the future. This is set in broad terms and is described as the mission, core purpose or vision for the ...

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