Monthly Archives: November 2009

Is this the end of Apple?

That’s the bugging question that just won’t go away. It seems to get asked every time Steve Jobs goes to the doctor. First it was a brush with cancer. Now it’s amysterious “hormone imbalance” that has left Jobs looking gaunt, forced him to cancel his appearance at Macworld 2009, and put him on a six month medical leave. Once again, ...

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Innovation Perspectives – Do you need permission to innovate?


This is the first of several ‘Innovation Perspectives‘ articles we will publish this week from multiple authors to get different perspectives on ‘What is the most dangerous current misconception in innovation?’. To kick it off, here is Steve Todd’s perspective: by Steve Todd Who Needs Permission? The most dangerous misconception that I often see in potential innovators is their belief ...

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Land of Misfit Ideas


Do you remember the annual Christmas special about the island of misfit toys, where Rudolph ends up because he doesn’t “fit in” with the other reindeer? The island is full of misfit toys that weren’t acceptable for one reason or another. A recent Accenture study on innovation found that there must be a mythical land of misfit ideas. Executives who ...

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Brand America Is Ba(ra)ck


Susquehanna River, Asylum Township, Bradford County, PA by Kevin Roberts I’ve written in April and June this year on Brand America, which had became deeply unpopular through the decade. I had put my case for new actions and new messaging to The Pentagon through to Paper magazine. I tell people that what made the USA great is still there in ...

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Wake-Up Call for Holiday Inn


What do you with a hotel brand that’s become outdated, irrelevant, and in some ways a signal to stay away from the properties to which it’s attached? If you’re InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), owner of the Holiday Inn franchise, you take a zero-tolerance approach to revitalization. A November 13 Wall Street Journal story reported that IHG is preparing to pull ...

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Obviously You Feel the Love


by Kevin Roberts Don’t you love it when scientists come out with studies proving the completely obvious? The advertising industry is not immune from such studies, as the American Association of Advertising Agencies has recently released a paper entitled: “Why You Need to Incorporate Emotional Messaging Into Your Marketing Communications.” It states “Recent studies have proven that emotional advertising is ...

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Changes Coming in the Twitter Suggested User List


At a conference in Malaysia, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said the Suggested Users List (SUL), a boon in followers for anyone on it, will be going away sometime in the future: “That list will be going away,” Stone said at a conference in Malaysia. “In its stead will be something that is more programmatically chosen, something that actually delivers more ...

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Getting Ready for 2010 – Real Life Planning Successes

I’m a proponent of spreading strategic thinking broadly in a company and not readily handing off strategy development to outside parties exclusively. Yet I’ve been a part of many examples where an outside perspective helped move strategy development ahead much more quickly. Here are several examples you may be facing where it’s good to get outside expertise: Turning Talk Into ...

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Innovation and Idea Management


From Ideation to Collaboration to Execution by Robert F. Brands Innovation: What a great idea! Innovation thrives on a diet of news ideas. It needs fresh thinking and a different perspective from across the organization. We’ve noted that Innovation = Creative x Risk Taking. Setting aside risk for the moment, creativity is a central element to the innovation process. But ...

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General Mills' Open Innovation Initiative


At a first glance, the G-WIN initiative by General Mills looks just like the many other open innovation portals that are popping up right now. So rather than just giving my two cents on this, I did an interview with Jeff Bellairs, who is director of General Mills Worldwide Innovation Network, to get a better understanding of the whys and ...

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