Monthly Archives: November 2009

School is Out


by Kevin Roberts It sometimes feels like I’ve run the full gamut of school-related experiences – from being kicked out of school at 17, to being invited back as a Governor. I frequently speak to students at universities around the world, but having an eternally curious granddaughter like Stella in my life has piqued my interest in the way primary ...

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Hello – The Future is Calling


Ninety-eight percent of American households have telephone access. Over the past 130 years, this once-revolutionary device has become so ubiquitous that we don’t realize how much of our modern lifestyle has been built around it, from ordering takeout to scheduling doctor appointments, from responding to polls to hanging up on telemarketers. The telephone is something that we – as consumers ...

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Future of Shopper Marketing

by Kevin Roberts The Sam Walton Business School at the University of Arkansas is on our calendar every October because of the superb annual conference run by the Center for Retailing Excellence. Andy Murray, Global CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi X, was a founder of the conference, and this year a keynote speaker. His subject was “the future of shopper ...

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Why Education Needs Social Media


by Venessa Miemis I read an article the other day on John Merrow’s blog, titled ‘Technology in Schools: Problems & Possibilities.’ In it, he outlines three fears he has concerning the implementation of emerging media technologies into education: The digital divide (gap between people with access to technology and those without) Schools will resist innovation and become irrelevant Schools will ...

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Don't Confuse User-Driven Innovation With Open Innovation


Denmark has its share of world-leading companies on user-driven innovation. Lego, the toy company, is a great example of this through their Adult Fan Of Lego groups and many other initiatives. Another example is Coloplast which develops products and services that make life easier for people with very personal and private medical conditions. Their business includes ostomy care, urology and ...

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Innovation Sighting – Smart Floors


In a world where gravity is ever present, floors are essential. We spend most of our waking hours standing or walking on them. But we tend to ignore them. That is a pity given the nearly constant contact we have with them. What if the floor could be innovated? What could it do for us that it doesn’t do today? ...

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Innovate or Die – Tactics #17-42 of 110


This is the second of four parts of the list of 110 Innovation Tactics. Click here to view Part One – Innovation Tactics #1-16 We Are What We Eat. (And Who We Hang Out With.) Hang out/”We are what we eat” We are what we eat/We are who we co-habit with, and variants thereof are of infinite importance to the ...

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Innovation Leadership versus Traditional Leadership


There are many different ways to lead. CEOs with markedly divergent styles can be successful in different ways. The same leader will often adopt different styles in different circumstances. There is no one correct way to lead or manage. Ultimately the right way is the one that works for you and for the organization in delivering the goals you set ...

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Building 21st Century Skills


It Doesn’t Matter How Long They’re in School as Long as They’re Learning Skills for the Future by Kathie Thomas Yesterday I wrote about the pros and cons of three-year college versus four-year college. That got me thinking about what we need to do to really teach our children to succeed in the future. As the mother of two elementary-school-aged ...

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Top 10 Corporate Time-Wasters


Do you need time to innovate? by Mike Myatt Time is the only thing we all have in common, yet it’s how we choose to spend it that defines and differentiates us as individuals. Even though time is a key success metric, I am always amazed at how many executives don’t manage it as such. Time is indeed a precious ...

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