Monthly Archives: December 2009

Where's the Innovation Google?


In the same way that there has been a lot of buzz around what innovation an Apple Tablet might bring, I’ve been seeing a lot of hype around how great the Google Phone is going to be. The first Google Phone was an HTC-branded phone carried by T-Mobile USA, and the second is promised to be a Google-branded phone made ...

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Innovation by Subtraction


We tend to think that the best way to innovate is to add new features to our products or services. What can we add that increases the appeal of our offering? This route can easily lead to extra cost, feature overload and customer fatigue. Sometimes a better answer lies in subtraction. Michael O’Leary, the founder of Ryanair, looked at the ...

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10 Lessons Learned from 2009


Wow, what a year! 2009 has come and gone, and many of us are taking a huge sigh of relief. Going through one of the worst recessions in U.S. history will certainly take the wind out of your sails. But we appear to have weathered the worst of the storm. And while the economy might not rebound with the speed ...

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Keys to Growth for 2010


While today’s post is short, it truly merits the attention of anyone still grappling with 2010 budget concerns. I’m going to share something with you that you might not want to hear, and quite frankly, something that will likely send your CFO straight into apoplexy. You don’t grow a business by shrinking it. The key to corporate growth is not ...

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Competing Outside the Box

While their competitors advertise holiday clearance bargains, Best Buy is running full-page newspaper ads to inform customers that they “…promise to be there for you and whatever you bought for as long as you need us.” Wow, Best Buy’s got your back (if you’re a customer). These are not simply platitudes. The campaign goes into tangible detail about an extended ...

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Should We Revive Dying Brands and Companies?


Or are we better off creating new ones? Does “The Circle Of Life” apply here? by Idris Mootee We make assumptions that it is the management team responsibility to extend or prolong the life of any companies even they have fewer reasons to exist. Management is different from practicing medicine, although sometimes I am called the strategy doctor. Instead of ...

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Part 1 – Three Innovation Distinctions

Last week I was with a group of extremely successful entrepreneurs in Las Vegas. I was a bit of an outlier as my background is mainly with large, multi-billion dollar businesses. Everyone else in the room came from the start-up world. Also, nearly everyone in the room worked exclusively with speakers and authors. Although I too am a speaker and ...

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Innovating Without Ignoring Today's Revenue


Scott Cook, legendary founder of Intuit, discussed in a recent issue of Inc Magazine how today’s entrepreneurs can continue to incubate new ideas while successfully focusing on today’s day-to-day revenue generation. His answer can be broken down into four keys to achieving both innovation and execution today: Make sure employees know which output metric they are responsible for and how ...

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