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Ideas Are Core to Enterprise 2.0

Please Don't Hurt Me

Brian Solis spoke recently on what the future of social networks will be. Ideas, it turns out. As I wrote on another blog post: “Solis, leading thinker in the integration of social media and PR, recently spoke on an intriguing concept: ideas connect us more than relationships. The premise of his argument is that ideas are what elicit passion in ...

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Fantastically, Brilliantly, Insanely Amazing


by Kevin Roberts One thing about the January 27th launch of the Apple iPad clashing with President Obama’s first State of the Union address was that they both focused on Jobs. And check out the awesome enthusiasm Steve Jobs and his team have for their new baby in this video! A lot of hype and hyped-up criticism have accompanied the ...

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Dear Cable TV Executives,


I don’t want 300 channels. I only want 18 channels. OK, the average person wants 18 channels. I really only want six. Why can’t I have just six? I know, I know, it’s the economics of the industry. But industries change, don’t they? I mean, look what has happened to the music industry. I used to have to purchase an ...

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Power of Incomplete Microstories


If you follow this blog you know I’m a huge fan of “I Wrote this for You.” (Iain Thomas contributed a piece for this blog here.) Here’s Iain talking at a recent TEDx event is South Africa. It’s a heartwarming story about the power of story. It’s a must-see, if you want to change the world. And even if you ...

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Returning To Your Innovation Center


HBO ran a program on preparations by four-time NASCAR Nextel Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson and his team for racing in the 2010 Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. At the first 2010 team meeting, Johnson’s crew chief Chad Knaus called the team’s attention to the bare walls in the meeting room. He highlighted the absence of all the awards and ...

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Reputation and Innovation


Sustainable innovation requires structured methods. But it also requires collaboration and information sharing among colleagues. Innovation is a team sport – groups produce better results than the lone genius. So how do you create a more favorable context for collaboration and sharing in your business unit? Reputation is what matters. The degree to which a technical worker will share information ...

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Focus on Your Winners


Four Ways to Keep Your Top Performers From Jumping Ship Have you ever lost a top performer to a competitor? I see it happen all the time, even in good companies. Surprisingly, it rarely has to do with money. More often than not, it’s due to indifference, apathy, or neglect on the part of a leader or manager. Why the ...

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Disney's Berms and Contradictions


The Imagineers at The Disney Company, the folks who dream-up theme parks and make them a reality, have created their own terms that allow quick understanding. The Imagineer Terms Berm – A raised earthen barrier, typically heavily landscaped, which serves to prevent visual intrusions into the Park from the outside world and block the outside world from intruding inside. When ...

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Creating Customer Value and Conversation


On I came across a very interesting potential partial solution to the societal problem of drunk driving using an integrated approach, that combines an interactive game with advertising and the services of the local taxi association. And of course, the bars and clubs are happy to participate in order to reduce their risks (or maybe out of the goodness ...

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Accelerating Innovation


Point: Accelerate innovation by finding an analogous solution from a different industry. Story: Henry Ford’s assembly line is often touted as a breakthrough innovation. What’s less known is that Ford got the idea by seeing the “disassembly line” process of butchering hogs at the Philip Armour meatpacking company in Chicago. Similar techniques were also already being used by Campbell’s to ...

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