Monthly Archives: November 2010

6 Secrets of Corporate Authenticity


“Authentic” is undoubtedly one of most echoed words in the Social World nowadays – applied especially liberally when explaining to companies the means by which they should be conveying themselves to the broader world in order to be heard. The term seems seldom explained more than that, and yet the implications are deep. It amuses me to no end that ...

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Answering the World’s Toughest Energy Questions


Any list of the biggest challenges humanity faces would place energy near the top. Meeting the challenge will require immense creativity, determination, and the help of some of the greatest minds in the world. In order to power the future, we’ll need to create cleaner, cheaper, more dependable sources of energy. For this reason, Saatchi & Saatchi Russia has been ...

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Make Your Own Box


I was talking with an entrepreneur recently and he told me a story about their early days. The sold a bunch of their products to one of the local department stores, and they thought this was the big opportunity that they needed. But none of their stuff sold, and they couldn’t figure out why. So they went to one of ...

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5 Best Sources of Future Trend Information


How can you keep up to date with the latest trends and directions in your industry? There are so many sources of potential information that you can be overwhelmed. You should certainly watch, listen and learn from the following: 1. Your customers 2. Your frontline staff (sales, marketing and customer service in particular) 3. Your competitors 4. Your trade magazines, ...

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Inspiration is Not the Key to Innovation


Innovation-capable Cultures Demand Respiration by Drew Marshall “The essence of a creative culture is openness, curiosity, connecting, collaborating, and courage.” – A.G. Lafley When faced with the challenge of creating a vibrant, innovation-capable culture, many organizations focus their efforts almost entirely on the front end of innovation. Their focus implies that innovation begins and ends with ideation, and their efforts ...

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Netflix Pricing Model Reinforces New Strategy


Netflix, which has already conquered Blockbuster in the DVD-rental business, is now focusing its resources on winning online video services. In an announcement yesterday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings pretty much spelled out their strategy going forward: “We are now primarily a streaming-video company delivering a wide selection of TV shows and films over the Internet.” And the primary method for ...

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16 Tactics for Building an Audience via Social Media


This Thanksgiving weekend’s post springs from something I’m thankful for: two recent social media strategy training presentations for non-profit organizations. Based on incredible turnouts for both social media training presentations, non-profit social media strategy must be a hot topic! One question from both sessions was how to attract a follower base for your non-profit organization. These sixteen ideas across three ...

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Pop Culture 101 for the In-novator


Innovation is not just a matter of getting new products out the door. It is often just doing things in a different way or, even better, doing different things. Some of us are in-novator in that our innovations stay within our organization. It is not an easier process though. We want things to change, people to move on, teams to ...

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