Monthly Archives: December 2010

Turning Problems into Innovation Challenges

Corporate innovation – and indeed any kind of innovation – is never the result of spontaneous ideas appearing for no reason. Rather it is a process that begins with a problem or a goal and ends with the implementation of one or more ideas deemed to offer value to the organization. On those rare occasions when a researcher makes an ...

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Will you grow in 2011?


Create wealth like Apple, Amazon, Priceline, DeVry, Colgate by Adam Hartung “Goodbye 2010, the Year of Austerity” is the headline from’s Marketing Daily. And that could be the mantra for many, many companies. Nobody is winning today by trying to save their way to prosperity! As we move into this decade, it is important business leaders realize that the ...

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Why, What, How


New Thinking for the Engineering Community by Dr. Mike Shipulski Sometimes we engineers know the answer before the question, sometimes we know the question’s wrong before it’s asked, and sometimes we’re just plain pig-headed. And if we band together, there’s no hope of changing how things are done. None. So, how to bring new thinking to the engineering community? In ...

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Facing Challenges for the New Year


This time of year always affords a great opportunity to plan for the challenges that are sure to present themselves in the upcoming year. My question is this: have you taken the time to do the necessary planning? Regardless of where you are in your life and your career, I can promise you one thing; you will consistently be faced ...

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Regeneration – Unleash the Newt Within


I have been thinking about regeneration. While it is common knowledge, it still amazes me, that salamanders can regenerate body parts, including their tails, upper and lower jaws, eyes and hearts. Yet mammals including humans can’t. Salamanders are the highest order of animals capable of regeneration. Do mammals know something that salamanders don’t? Cosmetic surgery, implants, and promising regenerative medicine ...

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What Do We Mean by Creative Destruction?


Earlier this month Michael Tompert, a San Francisco digital imaging artist, violently destroyed some brand-new Apple products for the sake of art and the results are a collection high resolution prints with a statement “our relationship with fetish, fashion, freedom, and bondage. The collection of giant prints including one called “Targeting” that shows a 3G iPhone that’s been shot with ...

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10 Productive Ways to Finish the Year


It only happens once a year, that magical week between Christmas and New Year. And for those who continue working in between holidays, it’s definitely slower. More colleagues, customers and partners are out of the office, more recurring meetings are canceled, and we consequently have more lightly-scheduled days than normal. How you use that time is completely up to you. ...

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Open Innovation Advice from Intuit


A few weeks back, I wrote a blog post, From Innovation Archer to Innovation Magnet, which was based on a recent meeting with Jan Bosch, VP of Open Innovation at Intuit. As a follow-up post, I am pleased to be able to share some insights from Jan on how they act in the early stages of building relationships with potential ...

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