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Using Open Innovation to Be Competitively Unpredictable


During a Twitter Q&A organized by open innovation thought leader Stefan Lindegaard, Psion Teklogix CEO John Conoley posted this: How interesting is that? Using open innovation to be “competitively unpredictable”. I love that concept. Let’s understand where John is coming from. First, have you heard of Psion Teklogix? They make “rugged mobile computers”. Think Blackberry or iPhone, but industrial strength ...

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Love and Leadership


You’ll never be a great leader without being loving and compassionate. While today’s post is a bit more kumbaya than most, please don’t check out on me because you perceive this topic too gooey and gushy to be relevant. If you take what follows to heart, it might just change your world. I saw a brief Twitter exchange yesterday between ...

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Don't Multitask – Multithink Instead


I expect you are familiar with multitasking: the ability to perform more than one task simultaneously. Managers who like to overwork their employees love multitasking. They assume that if their employees are performing three tasks simultaneously, they’ll work three times as fast. The logic in that assumption is so thoroughly flawed, it is hard to believe that intelligent managers accept ...

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November's Top Ten Innovation and Marketing Articles

This year I thought I would experiment with a Top Ten list at the beginning of each month, profiling the ten posts from the previous month that generated the most traffic to Blogging Innovation. So, without further ado, here are November’s ten most popular innovation or marketing posts: The Social Media Fad is Ending – by Steve McKee Social Media ...

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Belly Button Theory of Innovation


Unleashing the power of innovation to solve the big social challenges of our time including health care, education, and energy is as simple and plain as our belly buttons. In the spirit of navel gazing I think a lot about how to simplify the innovation narrative, make it more inclusive, and become more experimental. I offer a belly button theory ...

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To Innovate is to Choose


Analogies are a powerful tool in an innovator’s arsenal. We use analogies to understand how other firms or other industries have solved a particular problem, and then evaluate that existing approach or solution in light of our challenges. Here’s an example. We were working with a firm that makes lawn mowers, and the goal was to improve the result of ...

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Open Innovation Initiatives That Have Inspired Me

Leaders Must Inspire AND Shape Networks

What Inspires You? by Stefan Lindegaard I was recently interviewed by Lucy Douglas for an article in Business Management. You can read the full article here: Out in the Open During the interview, Lucy asked me this question: Can you give some examples of open innovation initiatives from major corporations or brands that have inspired you? My response: I like ...

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The Carbon Fiber Apple

Expect a New Generation of Lighter and Tougher iPads, iPhones and iBooks by Idris Mootee Do you ever wonder why everything is getting lighter and lighter? That includes the airplane that you fly in and your car. If you ever get a chance to fly Qantas in an A380, you’ll find the economy class seats are all carbon fiber. It ...

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