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End of Year Innovation Questions

The Power of Unplugging

As you may have already guessed, John and I are mentally wiped out right now and are taking a short break from blogging. We’re saving up ideas and posts and will be ready to go again once the new year starts. In the meantime, here are a few questions to consider. If you’d like to answer them in the comments, ...

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A Fresh Approach to Future Innovation


Achieving a sense of renewal to your innovation activities by Paul Hobcraft We need to constantly renew within ourselves. There is a time when your innovation efforts may need a serious renewal and for many this might be now. Knowing when to invest in an innovation renewal and organizing for it is like any other organizational activity. Those that are ...

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Why We Crave Goals

As many of you may know, my second book was called Goal-Free Living. Although it was originally going to be a book on how to be more creative, it morphed into a manifesto for a counter-cultural way of living. In fact, the “goal-free” philosophy will be featured in a major newspaper early next year. Stay tuned for that. Someone once ...

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Top 10 Reasons Why Some CEOs Sabotage Innovation


There’s a huge gap between CEOs saying they want their companies to innovate and actually acting in a way consistent with what they say. This lack of congruence drives internal change agents crazy, catatonic, or out the door. At the very least, it makes them cranky and unwilling to go the extra yard required to turn their inspired ideas into ...

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Walmart Disease


Summary: Many large, and leading, companies have not created much shareholder value the last decade A surprising number of very large companies have gone bankrupt (GM) or failed (Circuit City) Wal-Mart is a company that has generated no shareholder value The Wal-Mart disease is focusing on executing the business’s long-standing success formula better, faster and cheaper — even though it’s ...

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Increase Your Success – Become an Ideas Carrier


You can increase your success in business if you can become an ideas carrier, someone who identifies, collects and communicates fresh ideas for other people’s business challenges. If you work in an office you can do this for your colleagues, your boss or the people who report to you. If you are a consultant or sales person you can do ...

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Innovation Helps Trees Grow in the Desert


A few weeks ago, Popular Science (PopSci) announced its “Best of What’s New 2010” list of the top 100 innovations of the year. Named No. 1 was the Groasis waterboxx, a “dead-simple game-changer.” Indeed, the waterboxx, developed by AquaPro Holland, allows trees to grow anywhere. According to PopSci, “drylands actually have enough water to sustain trees for decades, but it’s ...

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13 Tips to Maximize Your Social Media Productivity

It’s pretty common knowledge that implementing an effective social media strategy takes time. That makes tips on how to maximize your social media productivity, such as those shared by Todd Schnick, co-founder of #Innochat, on his strategy for allocating your time very valuable. Todd’s recommendation was to divide your social media participation time into thirds, with 1/3 of your time ...

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