Monthly Archives: December 2010

Christmas 2.0

A fun peek into how the news would have gotten out differently 2,010 years ago if social media tools had been around. (Click full screen). Thanks to David Passes for the heads up. Editor’s Note: And for those of you who have already celebrated Hanukkah, here is a fun video – and if you celebrate Kwanza or any other winter ...

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Why Customer Experience Innovation Matters Now


This is the time of year when analysts and consultants make predictions about the upcoming year. The folks at have just released their Top 11 Consumer Trends for 2011. Almost seems like a Spinal Tap moment. Anyway, we at OVO are no exception. Each year we publish predictions based on what we believe will happen in the upcoming year. ...

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Creative Idea Implementation Plan


(Version 1.0) by Jeffrey Baumgartner There are a number of reasons why creative ideas fail to become innovations. Sometimes it is because the idea, which seems brilliant in concept, is flawed in application. More often, the problem is that organizations invest in creative ideation initiatives (often called “innovation initiatives”), such as brainstorming events, idea management, ideas campaigns and the like, ...

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Why Calendars are the Real Barrier to Innovation


While this post is slightly tongue in cheek, I wanted to explore with you, my gentle readers, one of the most insidious barriers to innovation, the lowly calendar. While other challenges to innovation may appear more robust, it is actually the calendar that has the most subtle power. First, consider the power of the calendar on the way most business ...

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Accelerating the Electric BlueCar in Paris

This week, life-long entrepreneur Vincent Bollore and his BlueCar won the contract to run the Autolib’ scheme of the city of Paris. The story so far is rich of innovation lessons. Firstly, Autolib’ builds on the success of Velib’ and replicates its business model. Launched in 2007 in Paris and now replicated in many other European cities, Velib’ is a ...

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General Mills Open Innovation Town Halls


One of the cases I discussed at the Innovation3 conference in Orlando was the Town Hall meetings concept from General Mills. As part of the their open innovation strategy, General Mills has developed an effective town hall meeting strategy which helps them efficiently make meaningful connections around the globe with potential partners. General Mills was kind enough to share some ...

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Return on Failure


One of the key issues in innovation is learning from failure. These applied learnings create a new type of intellectual asset few companies acknowledge or appreciate. How do we measure this asset? I propose creating Return on Failure (ROF). After all, we measure the return on other types of assets, why not this one? Perhaps a way to measure ROF ...

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Key Innovations of 2010


The end of the year is a great time to reflect on your companies Innovation performance. Did you deliver your innovation goals, maybe the “one new product or service per year”? As a business leader, what are your New Year’s resolutions for your company? As you think about the future of your company and how to make your business grow, ...

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