Monthly Archives: December 2010

HR's Strategic Role in Innovation


Historically, Human Resources (HR) has not played a very strategic role in innovation. This needs to change. HR needs to support the culture change to enable innovation; and the upcoming generation isn’t going to settle for an ‘administrative-only’ role. Innovation is primarily a social thing. Really. While processes are important, ideas come from interactions between and among humans. At the ...

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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?


Entrepreneurship is now a pretty big deal. Business schools all over the world have courses in this area and some even make it their major focus of teaching and research. Governments are also interested in entrepreneurs and routinely ask themselves how they can develop a more entrepreneurial national culture. Many years ago, an economist called Schumpeter recognized that risk taking ...

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Take a Direct Line to your Customer


In the early 1980s, if you wanted to take out motor insurance in the UK then you went to a high street insurance broker who took down all your details on various forms and sent them off to insurance companies to get quotes. The insurance broker insisted that it took all his skill and experience to eventually get you a ...

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Who's Really Innovative?


Here’s a real treat: Gary Hamel’s Who’s Really Innovative? article recently published on (in?) the Wall Street Journal blog. Once again, the lucid, straight shooting, and refreshing Hamel, hits a home run — taking on the phenomenon of annual “most innovative companies” lists. Hamel makes some very useful distinctions between the four different kinds of innovative companies: Tyros, Nobel Laureates, ...

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Making Money From Free


Coinstar has figured it out. Has your business? by Ric Merrifield I have been following Coinstar for a really long time, in large part because the founder went to my high school (as did Bill Gates and TVs Batman Adam West for what it’s worth). If you don’t know Coinstar, their model is pretty straightforward (Coinstar now also owns the ...

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10 Steps to Successful Brainstorming


Circa 1957 by Paul Williams I found these great brainstorming tips in the June 1957 issue of The Rotarian magazine via Google Books. The original article was entitled: “Got A Problem? Brainstorm It!” by Lyman Judson. It is no surprise that what we read about in 1957 is what practice today. As Judson’s article points out – even though brainstorming ...

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Managing Failure


Failure is inevitable for most new ventures. It’s inevitable because the high risks involved for most new ventures make success difficult to achieve; if it wasn’t risky, then someone would have successfully launched the venture years earlier. But how we react to failure is one of the keys to success for the next venture. In their classic study of entrepreneurism ...

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Making Magic Happen


Magic happens through: Creativity Misdirection Showmanship Engaging storytelling Illusion Magic also happens through: Discipline Planning Rehearsal Process Repetition Magic happens through exploring big ideas with a whole brain approach! When you do that well, it’s magic!!! Don’t miss an article (2,050+) – Subscribe to our RSS feed and join our Continuous Innovation group! Mike Brown is an award-winning innovator in ...

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How to Turn Ideas into Business Results


Innovation management is a requisite step toward the positive growth of any organization. Recently, the focus has been on a specific part of innovation management being dramatically affected by the much buzzed about ‘social revolution’. Yes, the seemingly rigid, straightforward, top-down traditional Project Management process may be in the midst of a major transformation- due in part to major evolutions ...

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