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Upgrade from a Pilot to a Prototype – Now!


It could be about semantics. Or not. A pilot is not a prototype. It is my strong belief that innovation success derives from prototype initiatives that are carefully planned, properly funded or staffed, and supported from beginning to end by senior executives seeking breakthrough bounties. So what is a pilot? Websters’ Dictionary under definition #5 says “a television show produced ...

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4 Reasons Why Innovative Ideas Fail


Frankly, I’d rather write about success than failure, especially in an innovation setting. But since it’s true that success has many fathers and failure is an orphan, someone needs to tell its story. We’ve all heard the mantra (and I’ve used it many times) that innovation will require some failure. In this regard what we are talking about primarily is ...

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An Innovation in Angel Investing?


The biggest news in the world of start-ups recently is the announcement that investor Yuri Milner of DST is partnering with famed angel investor Ron Conway on a new innovative start-up investment vehicle called Start Fund. The Start Fund is offering $150,000 loans to every one of the 43 start-ups in the Y Combinator class. Some background here. Yuri Milner ...

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Is innovation a matter of age?

Jose Baldaia and I have started an interesting discussion, ignited by a post titled ”Too Young To Know It Can’t Be Done” by Steve Blank. Blank claims that most of the technology innovations were built by people in their 20’s with a few of innovators in their 30’s. His main argument is: “One of the traps of age is growing ...

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Seth Godin and Amazon – The Domino Project


Will the Innovation Dominoes Fall and Disrupt the Book Publishing Industry? by Braden Kelley “The enemy is not piracy, the enemy is obscurity.” – Tim O’Reilly I came across a TechCrunch TV interview with Seth Godin today about his future publishing plans. I’ve been wondering what Seth meant when he told me last year at the World Innovation Forum that ...

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Art is Like Viagra for Science


Art And Science Complement Each Other In All Forms Of Sense-Making. The Magic Formula For Innovation. by Idris Mootee “If you’ve never been lost you’ll never end up getting anywhere new”. That was a great opening line when Dan Widen tried to sum up his observations on day one of the event. It was the first time I met him ...

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10 Commands for a Digital Age

Program or Be Programmed by Venessa Miemis Thanks to digital technologies and networked activity, we’re living through a global transition that is redefining how culture and commerce operate. We’re presented with the opportunity to be active participants in this process, steering ourselves into new modes of civilization, verse being just passive spectators. But if we don’t understand the biases of ...

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Growing Imperative for Dedicated Innovation Scientists and Engineers

I believe we are arriving at the point of real value by organizing dedicated innovation scientists and engineers into a specialized innovation unit. Innovation has emerged into part science, part art and design, and plenty of engineering (social and process). Today to successfully manage innovation is getting increasingly challenging and placing considerable strain on the present design and structures of ...

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Innovation and the Role of Genchi Genbutsu


What do Cornflakes, the microwave oven, Post-Its, the Walkman, Teflon, Scotchgard, Aspartame, Rogaine, Kitty Litter, Ivory soap, Velcro, Rayon, and Skateboards all have in common? None were planned! All were unexpected treasures found by observant individuals paying attention to what was right in front of them. While trying to get one thing right…the thing turned left, and they followed it. ...

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