Monthly Archives: April 2011

Don't Measure Innovation the Easy Way


Stop me if you’ve heard this joke before, but I think it is exceptionally relevant to measuring innovation. A guy walks out of a bar one evening and sees a drunk searching for something on the sidewalk. He stops the drunk and asks him what he is doing. “Looking for my keys” the drunk responds. The guy decides to help ...

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Five Ideation Dilemmas


The fuzzy front end of innovation confronts you with a lot of questions. In my new book ‘Creating innovative Products and Services’ I try to solve them. My last blog discussed X-factor ideas. But, how will you get ideas with the X-factor? There are at least five choices you have to make: When: now or later? Who: experts or internal ...

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Will Groupon Become Irrelevant?


Groupon is hoping for a $20 billion valuation in its coming IPO. Yes, the company is growing fast, but as I wrote last month that its business model is suspect. And now, in addition to Amazon-backed Living Social, a host of niche competitors are nibbling at Groupon’s heels. More significantly, both Google and Facebook are getting into the online couponing ...

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Egyptian Cloud Formations


EMC’s Cairo Center of Excellence (COE) recently celebrated its one year anniversary. During that time the employees have established a strong base for selling and supporting EMC’s portfolio of cloud products. As the nation of Egypt builds a framework for their new form of government, their national technologists are engaged in a related exercise. Egypt is in the requirements and ...

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Individual versus Organizational Innovation


When attempting to improve creativity in business, there are two approaches which may be taken, either individually or together: INDIVIDUAL CREATIVITY and ORGANIZATIONAL CREATIVITY. Individual creativity is, of course, the creativity of the individual. Everyone has what I call a creative comfort level which is based on their natural creativity quotient, their willingness to risk new ideas and their personality. ...

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Five Reasons Why CEO's Don't Get Innovation


Here are five reasons why I believe CEOs and other top executives often don’t support innovation, even though the business climate of our time demands it: The demand for short-term gains nearly always wins the day. Top executives at public companies are under enormous pressure to produce strong financial results each and every quarter. This is the area where they ...

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Innovation Ecosystems


Everyone Willing is at the Center of the Universe by Yann Cramer All companies that are aware of the innovation potential of their network of partners, suppliers, customers, users, specifiers, influencers, legislators, helpers, and other stakeholders, represent themselves at the center of what is now commonly named an innovation ecosystem. But if all organizations connected as part of an ecosystem ...

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Measuring What Matters


How to Stop Wasting Time, Talent, and Resources on Projects that Don’t Go Anywhere by Holly G. Green Remember the old adage, “what gets measured, gets done?” Well, what does not get measured may still be getting done in your organization as well. Unfortunately, it may not be what you want done or what gets you to your destination. In ...

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Innovation Myth – Ideas Spread Quickly


“The future’s already here, it’s just not evenly distributed, and it doesn’t look like we expect it to” When scientists first started talking about Artificial Intelligence in the 1950s and 1960s, a lot of the discussion centered around how to best create AI that would think like people do. This view of AI has dominated our imagination ever since. Think ...

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Why Crossing Boundaries Matters to Innovation


Last week I schlepped my family to Boston for spring break. Interesting choice, you might say. Most people head to the beach for spring break, or at least somewhere warm. Or, if they choose to travel to northern climes they travel to ski resorts. Well, we braved the New England weather so my daughters could visit college campuses (campusi?) scattered ...

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