Monthly Archives: May 2011

Innovation and the Business Ecosystem


Innovation is driving change in the business ecosystem and the dynamics of this change are remarkably similar to those found in nature. Several years ago biologists studied the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park and its impact on plant growth. This may seem like an odd connection to explore since wolves don’t eat plants. However the elk that wolves ...

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How Should We Measure Innovation?


A company in my Danish network group recently created a global innovation management department whose task it is to strengthen and systematize innovation and innovation processes in their Global Research unit as well as across the organization. The ultimate goal is to enhance and make visible the value creation that happens through targeted research and discovery activities in the enterprise ...

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Open Innovation and IP – Protecting Trade Secrets


A lot has been written about Intellectual Property (IP) and Open Innovation. It’s not surprising, because it’s one of the thorniest problems facing collaborators. In a recent blog I talked about the importance of having a flexible approach to IP policy, ensuring that you can deliver the deal that is most appropriate to the partner and opportunity under consideration. Now ...

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Innovation Thinking – Robust to Resilient

It is always interesting how one ‘thing’ triggers another thought, and then you reflect and learn something that helps you add a new kernel of knowledge. This happened recently while looking at the discussion topic for an upcoming #innochat that happens every Thursday at noon EDT, 5pm UK time. The question posed was “Innovation isn’t working! Is it time we ...

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Innovating What We Innovate


When I hear people speak about innovation, or when one sees people present innovation, most of the time it comes back to the same old talk about iPads, iPhones, iPods and other i-something in the making. Many people are still stuck to the same old pattern that innovation is all about bringing new products and technologies to the market and ...

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Keep the Idea Highway Open to All

Innovation advances your company towards the future – generating new products or services, boosting profits and increasing stakeholder value. To develop Innovation, the first step is to Inspire and Initiate your organization’s members. Innovation leaders need to provide the right support, both material and emotional, to stimulate new product development (NPD). What are effective methods of inspiring innovation? For starters, ...

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Ten Rules for Starting a Business


I’ll never forget the very first day of Heinz Marketing. It was just me, a laptop and a (pending) business license. I had a meeting with a new client in downtown Seattle in the morning, and a prospect in the afternoon. My mid-day office? The public library. It was exciting. And terrifying. Still is. If you’ve started a business, you ...

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Does your Structure help or hinder Innovation?


The traditional top-down structure in organizations can be a powerful inhibitor to innovation. It is a reflection of a command and control style of leadership where orders are issued at the top and followed by the ranks. People lower down the organization who have great ideas can feel inhibited about promoting them. They feel it is disrespectful to challenge the ...

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Entrepreneurs and the Art of Problem Solving


It’s been said that a problem clearly stated is already half solved, but for most entrepreneurs, impatience usually gets the best of them and they never get the chance to apply the necessary critical thinking skills to solve the myriad problems encountered on a daily basis. Even for the most critical of problems, their problem solving techniques is more of ...

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