Monthly Archives: June 2011

Our Emotional Connection to Brands


Chances are when you’re wandering around your local store doing your weekly grocery shop there are brands you gravitate to. Without a second thought your trolley fills with brands that have a familiar spot in your cupboards at home. And you feel happy about that – happier than if you’d actually bought the exact same products under a different label, ...

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Apple's Questionable Lion Pricing Strategy

Besides Steve Jobs’ well-publicized announcement of Apple’s new cloud and music storage service on Monday’s opening day of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple also announced that their new operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion would be priced for download at $29. What’s interesting about this is that is represents an almost 80% price cut from their previous OS version ...

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Do Magical Work


We are responsible for our actions, for what we do, for our work, and others are responsible for their response to it. (That’s why they call it responsibility.) Though we know we can’t control others, we still snare ourselves in worry trap: What will they think? Will they like it? What will they say? Worse than the worry trap, however, ...

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Innovation Process Management (IPM)


With the growing popularity of innovation initiatives, ever more companies are launching their own actions. However, many are going forward in a piecemeal fashion, running a brainstorming event here, trying out an ideas campaign there and promoting innovation in vague ways in marketing communications. Such an approach works, somewhat, but it is not ideal. The best approach is to have ...

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Innovate, Replicate or Evaporate

I had the opportunity to sit in on a meeting with the president of a leading consumer goods company late last week. I had been invited to the meeting to introduce some open innovation concepts, but I was there more for support and encouragement than to lead the discussion. The president of the firm we were meeting with welcomed us ...

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14 Ways to Describe 3 Levels of Innovation


From continuous improvement, through the development of next generation, to the creation of a new family, there are typically three different levels of innovation, that can be described in many ways depending on what aspect of innovation you want to emphasize. Here are 14 ways. Please add to the list! Description Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 By degree of ...

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Leadership and Loyalty


For those of you not familiar with the two characters from Band of Brothers depicted above, they are polar opposites in terms of their approach to leadership. Captain Soble (left) represents a leader in rank only, whose efforts to intimidate his men are a classic example of fear based leadership. Shown at right is Lt. Winters, who leads by example ...

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