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Save a Dollar – Lose a Customer


Buca di Beppo, you may know, is a chain of Italian restaurants. Their particular focus has been rustic, family-style Northern Italian food. Although it’s a chain and has grown like gangbusters, until recently they seemed to have retained their authentic charm, which included great food, service, ambiance, the whole package. My foreshadowing skills are awful, so you can probably already ...

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Can Gillette Disrupt Itself?


On the surface, Gillette looks like a model of innovation success. A flagship brand of innovation champ P&G, Gillette’s achieved a remarkable ~70% share of the global men’s razor market, all while maintaining huge margins. The secret to getting so many men to pay so much is a series of new-and-improved razors that – despite making Gillette the butt of endless jokes – ...

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Mission Critical – Innovation Back-End Delivery


Why is it that for some firm’s innovation seems to be incredibly rewarding yet for the majority it remains at best an unfulfilled promise. Why does innovation present such a stark choice, often fraught with difficulties for many, yet so simple and successful for the few? Innovation delivery is one of those differentiation points. Let me suggest here nine points ...

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Turn Ideas into Products that Ship


Innovation cannot happen in a vacuum. It requires customer and product development feedback throughout the product development process. The better you collaborate and engage with your customers, the greater opportunity you’ll have to collect and execute on more refined and clearer requests that address their pain points and align with your business objectives. 1. Align innovation to your business strategy. ...

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Knowing the Secret Sauce for Innovation Delivery


The secret sauce required for innovation delivery sometimes can be hard to itemize but knowing the ingredients and constantly improving on them will make your ‘sauce’ stand out from others.  For many it seems, execution or final delivery of the innovation is simply not given enough attention inside many organizations and that needs to certainly change and not just left ...

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Nurturing a Vibrant Culture to Drive Innovation

W.L. Gore’s products alone, such as the eponymous GORE-TEX® water- and windproof fabrics, and a multitude of unique medical, electronic and industrial materials, might seem to assure the company’s success. But Terri Kelly attributes the 50-year-old company’s achievements not just to engineering prowess, but to its singular culture. This privately held company, with $2.5 billion in revenue and 8500 staff ...

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USA On the Verge of Losing Innovation Leadership?


How much longer will countries outsource idea generation to the US? I was thinking recently about the challenges and possibilities of outsourcing. It’s interesting if you think carefully about it, since what we call outsourcing is to some extent simple economics. Comparative advantage was first conceived by David Ricardo, who argued that each participant in a transaction should spend its ...

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Henry Chesbrough and Gary Hamel Talk Innovation Platforms

Henry Chesbrough: How Innovation Changed While Nokia Wasn’t Looking Award-winning author Henry Chesbrough discusses with Gary Hamel how Nokia had fantastic success in the 1990’s building products but got left behind by the other companies like Apple, Research and Motion, and Google who are now building platforms that others can build on top of instead of focusing purely on the ...

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Understanding Innovation the W L Gore Way


Once in a while you have to stop and reflect. Why do I keep banging away at innovation, along with countless others? Often I feel we are preaching to the converted, or the ones forced to listen just in case they miss something and are suddenly banished to hell, a non-innovating organization. A place where no one will ever listen ...

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Marketing Your Innovation Successfully

Once you’ve enough iterated your innovation to sharpen it to go to market, you might feel relieved. But there are still several traps to address if you’re willing to “cross the chasm“. To jump over the gap, abouding and then focusing, elbowing on perceived quality, and building a interactive relationship with your users are key.

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