Monthly Archives: October 2011

Steve Jobs and Apple are Not Good Benchmarks


The obituaries and tributes are fulsome and quite rightly so. Steve Jobs was an extraordinary man who built Apple into an extraordinary company. In the best tradition of declaring interests, let me say that I am also an Apple loyalist, an iPhile. I love the products, so my views may be slightly biased when I say that the Apple of the last 10 years is one of the most successful business stories ever.

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Why do you prize exploration?

It is by exploring the frontiers of our natural world that we challenge ourselves and discover new knowledge and wonders that will benefit us all. If you are an explorer, Shell and the X PRIZE Foundation want to know why you do it and the meaning and impact of your exploration. They invite you to create a video that expresses your passions and illustrates your pursuits. Please join the X PRIZE Foundation as they delve deeper into the mysteries and beauty of our world and our universe. Upload your video and inspire us; why do you prize exploration?

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Fresh Thinking

Edward de Bono recently made an appearance on ABC down under, sharing some typically flamboyant thinking, mostly around the subject of thinking itself. I’ve been a de Bono fan for years and this was fresh as ever. Among his key insights were:

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Collaborating for Innovation Success


One of the benefits of running an Innovation Conference at a high-tech company (EMC) is that my team and I get free access to top technologies and top technologists. We’ve started to use both of these assets to greater understand the dynamics of our innovation culture across the world.

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2012 Innovation Resolutions

For many October is the peak month for bringing together their strategic and operating plans for 2012. Meetings get frantic, issues get raised, and plans get drawn up, rejected and redrawn. The period becomes a fever pitch. Where does innovation figure within this?

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Into the Top 100,000 Web Sites


It is has been just a little over two months since we launched Innovation Excellence, and thanks to your great support, we already have cracked the Top 100,000 web sites on Amazon's Alexa web site rankings - putting us in the Top 0.32% of the millions of web sites out there. Innovation Excellence is home to more than 3,350 innovation-related pieces of content and brings an innovation community together every month from over 180 countries now.

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Innovation and Design – Prefix and Suffix


I titled this the Prefix and the Suffix because increasingly it seems that most firms believe that innovation is a "prefix" to the real work of product creation. If only the "front end" worked better, then we'd create more interesting and valuable products and services. To an extent that is probably true, but this thinking isolates innovation as if it were:

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Eliminate Your But


During strategic planning, thought bubbles typically manifest themselves through hidden biases that affect how we analyze data and make (or don’t make) important decisions. Here are some examples of common strategic planning biases and the thought bubbles that might accompany them:

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