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Innovate Mobile Content Now!


Has the time come to be more innovative in entertainment content and create a new genre of programming to fit the mobile device ? The fifteen minute short show of fast-paced content, longer than YouTube and shorter than TV, could better suit viewing on a mobile device. Like a short story, the narrative arc and show style could result in punchier, bite-sized content.

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Touchscreen Farewell to Steve Jobs


It was a very sad day when I heard the news that Steve Jobs, who has died aged 56 following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. The world has lost a visionary, not only he made an unprecedented impact not only on the world of computing and consumer electronics with insanely great products that inspired a generation of people to dream big and be different, he has also reinvented management by building and rebuilding one of the greatest companies on earth.

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YOU Must Decide


The jobs where the boss tells you want to do are vanishing. At your company, they very well may be gone already. For some, this notion is quite scary. For years (maybe decades) information workers were used to coming into the office and being told what to do.

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Ada Lovelace Day 2011 – Innovation and Gaming

I love the concept behind Ada Lovelace Day. In order to encourage more women to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the day is used to discuss women from these fields that have had an impact on your life. It’s named after Ada Lovelace, who was the world’s first computer programmer and an expert on Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine.

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Don't Let Yourself Be Netflixed


The nuclear industry measures how long a radioactive material will retain its potency by its half-life — the time it takes for the material to lose half of its radioactivity. The half-life of Uranium-235 is 700 million years, for example. During the industrial era the half-life of a business model was typically measured in generations.

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Innovation Essentials – Turning Your Flywheel

In his acclaimed bestseller, Good to Great, Jim Collins talks about what he calls the “Flywheel Effect.” He describes how small actions and decisions, made over a period of time, add up to sustained momentum and success for great companies—like small nudges building momentum on a flywheel. I agree and riffing on his metaphor, I would add that our flywheel can be turning in either direction. It’s possible that a series of seemingly small decisions and incremental actions can gradually undermine our success. So the key question becomes: Which direction is your flywheel turning?

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The Design Well


When you apply the design process both deeply and broadly, you can create rich brand experiences that turn customers into believers. The trick is to do what Shakespeare did in creating his plays. By designing entertainment products that worked on multiple levels, he was able to increase not only the number of customers but also their satisfaction, so they came back again and again.

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7 Innovation Questions for Andy Stefanovich


I have been lucky enough to know Andy Stefanovich for over seven years. He is Chief Curator and Provocateur at Prophet, a strategic branding and marketing consultancy, and the author of Look at More. More importantly to me, he is on my personal Top 10 list of cool, creative, innovation catalyst's I turn to for inspiration. Andy a truly innovative thinker and a change agent like no other.

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