Monthly Archives: October 2011

9 Tips for Getting Innovation Approval


A common complaint that I hear when I run innovation workshops is this, ‘I have plenty of really creative ideas but my boss just isn’t interested in trying anything new. What can I do?’ Let’s leave aside the possibility that this view is itself distorted and take it at face value. It is a tricky situation that most of us will experience at some time. What can be done?

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Do It Yourself Healthcare

Healthcare is undergoing a business model revolution. Technology is creating new competitors, new services and new ways for consumers to be involved in their own health. One day soon consumers may be able to give themselves an eye exam with a new system called NETRA.

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A Neighborhood Idea Factory

Plenty of days I find myself in that state called “antsy in the office”. It often happens when I’m trying to be creative and come up with new ideas. My office is great for certain things but sometimes it’s just too quiet for creativity. Luckily there’s a place a few blocks down the street in my Chicago neighborhood that is practically an idea factory.

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The Most Innovative Company?


An amazing prediction was made this week by a professor of marketing at NYU and head of investment firm Firebrand Partners, Scott Galloway. Speaking at the American Magazine Conference in New York (and as reported by The New York Post) Galloway said that within two years, Facebook will become the most valuable company in the world.

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Weekend Mashup – 10-9-11 – The World Mourns Steve Jobs

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the steady media and political drumbeat of the word "jobs," the very unit of measure, that declares what is missing in our economy, that is repeated every minute of every hour, that, according to a new study from Gallup CEO Dan Clifford, represents the new American (and probably every other countries) definition of the American Dream is of course...Steve Jobs' last name. What we need, what we want, what we must create to be truly vibrant, inextricably, linguistically, linked forever to the founder of Apple.

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mHealth – Making Steve Jobs Proud


Like many engaged on twitter, I was saddened by the news of Steve Jobs death. Minutes after the story broke, I reached out to my good friend Ken Rosen (@ken_rosen), who had worked for Jobs, and he admitted that he was taking the news harder than expected. Harvard Business Review (#hbrchat) created a memorial page and dedicated the regular Thursday time slot to discuss his legacy.

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Set University Innovation Free

So what’s the problem? The problem is that innovative university research is not set free. Currently, university technology commercialization strategies rest on the assumption that university research is most commercially appealing when managed as potentially lucrative, university-owned intellectual property. The current approach to commercializing university inventions is due for an overhaul.

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