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An Innovation Lesson From American Idol


Singing is one of those skills that is difficult to evaluate in ourselves. We rely on feedback from others to determine how we’re doing. (Think of American Idol.) The personal capacity to innovate is a lot like that. It’s difficult to gain an accurate sense of our own creativity or analytical skills or insight. How often have you seen people either discount their creativity or exaggerate it? It’s quite common…and not just in singing competitions.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Innovation


According to Scott Anthony, who directs the Asia-Pacific office of innovation consulting and venture-capital firm Innosight, “the seven deadly sins have very clear parallels in the world of innovation, serving as a useful and memorable way to highlight an innovator’s most common mistakes.

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Enter the Car Parts Incubator


Across the world millions of babies die within the first week of birth. Most could be saved with the use of incubators, which are widely available in the developed world but not in under-developed countries. Much of the medical equipment that is donated to hospitals in these countries falls into disuse because of the lack of spare parts or shortage of trained technicians. There is also a common problem with interrupted power supply.

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Networking As Survival


We think about networking as a very modern notion, with our accumulation of virtual “friends,” “followers” and people-who-might-be-useful-to-us-someday. To me, it is just an extension of what my people, my family have been doing since 70 AD – making critical connections that enable both our survival. The tools may have changed, but our reliance on the network has not. In fact, without the network, I literally wouldn’t be alive.

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Increase Your Organization's Innovation IQ in 2012


Are you trying to embed innovation into your organization as a new core competency? Is innovation part of the new business as usual you are trying to create for sustained growth? To do either of these, you must provide your entire workforce with the tools and training to support continuous, sustainable innovation, and you must create a common language of innovation in your organization.

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Innovating with Rudyard Kipling


In this paper we outline a strategy to make your entire organization more innovative. Kip­ling’s serving men are at the core of our strategy. We visualize them; we respect them as ex­perts in their respective fields – “They taught me all I knew” – and we put them to work to improve existing processes and to innovate new ones.

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25 C's of Innovation


It is well known that most people would rather receive information in beautifully wrapped packages that help them 'contain' the message in a simpler way by connecting the info with a tool that allows them to access it when needed. Such is the value of a reliable acronym, reference or letter bundle that offers a welcome bridge over what might otherwise feel like a sea of unweildy or unpackaged information.

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