Monthly Archives: March 2012

Frugal Innovation Research

From Yasser Ahmad Batti, a Management Research student at the Said Business School at Oxford, this presentation discusses frugal Innovation. It focuses on doing more with less, by looking at how entrepreneurs and innovators in emerging markets devise low cost strategies to tap or circumvent institutional complexities resource limitation. By developing and delivering products and services to low income users with little purchasing power, often at mass scale and arguably in a sustainable manner, innovation rapidly takes place.

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Where's Waldo?


Remember the popular children’s series Where’s Waldo? If some of the more talked about apps emerging from the recently concluded innovators and startup gathering, SXSW, gain traction, that series will be a whimsical relic of the past – and so will many of the concepts that have long ruled advertising.

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Leading from the Driver's Seat


Psychologist R.D. Laing made this observation many years ago, yet his words still ring true, especially today when the pace of change continues to get faster. Let’s think about what he said, especially we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing. Picture that.

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Lancome – Engaging Women Through Exploration


Measuring and understanding the type of relationship buyers have with a brand is powerful information to leverage in innovation. Lancôme has a unique relationship with women compared to competitors such as Estee Lauder, Clinique and Avon. Women define their relationship with Lancôme as one based on exploration, which is differentiating among its cosmetic competitors.

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