Monthly Archives: May 2012

Introducing PatrickTV – Innovation 3.0

We are delighted to introduce our Global Correspondent, Patrick Meyer, and his premiere episode of PatrickTV, which you'll be able to catch weekly here on Innovation Excellence. These episodes are great examples of what's coming NEXT in business, tech, and innovation 3.0...not to mention a harbinger of another trend - personal web TV channels. Patrick will be covering all kinds of news, trends and events for Innovation Excellence. Welcome Patrick!

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Innovation and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Now that our local Blockbuster has gone out of business, we've made the jump and joined Netflix (although I will miss taking trips to Blockbuster with my daughter). The first disc in my queue to arrive was the venerable, enjoyable Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I was very excited to share this musical celebration of innovation with my daughter last night.

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