Monthly Archives: May 2012

How to be More Innovative in 5 Easy Steps

This is one of those posts where the topic feels so large and so poorly defined as to be almost impossible to describe. Yet we get this question all the time - what can we do to be more innovative? Every firm is in a rush to become more innovative, yet few have the time, resource or attention required. I'm going to address in this post how to create an innovation discipline, since we believe that is the only way to sustain competitive advantage.

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The Nine Innovation Roles

I'm seeing an increasing number of articles about innovation personalities and the like, and I'm a firm believer that it's not personalities that matter so much when it comes to innovation, it's the roles that we play in making innovation happen (or not). So, I would like to add my Nine Innovation Roles to the conversation.

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The 8 Creative Types

Are you a Taker or a Maker? Or perhaps you are somewhere in between. The 8 Creative Types, part of a greater work called Create More Better Different, describes what creativity is made of and then helps you apply it to your own work. Where do your strengths and weaknesses lie? What sorts of tools do you need to create more, better, different work? This presentation is a primer for those answers.

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