Monthly Archives: July 2012

Design Thinking Requires Storytelling


Stories inspire, motivate, and shift the way the people think and work. Many civilizations throughout history understood the power of storytelling. From ancient Egypt to modern China story-telling provided the foundation for nearly everything. For business, often there needs to socialize strategies within executive management, the board and senior staff and they include telling innovation, survival and hero/heroine stories.

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Exploring Built In Chicago


Built In Chicago (BIC) is a rapidly growing online community for digital innovators and entrepreneurs in Chicago. Founded by serial entrepreneur Matt Moog in October 2010, the site now boasts over 9,300 members including digital entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, designers, corporate digital innovators and academics.

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You Are Not a Special Snowflake


You are not a special snowflake. Many people resist innovation by talking about all of the special problems they face. Too many constraints, too much regulation, a risk-averse corporate culture, a complacent, traditional industry, or a unique set of obstacles that you can’t possibly understand if you don’t face them yourself – all of these are terrible excuses for not innovating.

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Amazon's Innovation Philosophy


What may have started with a question from @evanjacobs at's 2011 shareholder meeting, ended with interesting commentary from Amazon's CEO - Jeff Bezos - on their philosophy around invention, innovation, and risk taking. The key insights I extracted from Bezos' response to the question about their lack of big visible market failures and whether Amazon is continuing to take bold enough risks are as follows:

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