Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2012

by Innovation Excellence

Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2012After two weeks of torrid voting and much passionate support, along with a lot of gut-wrenching consideration and jostling during the judging round, I am proud to announce your Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2012:


  1. Jeffrey Phillips
    Jeffrey PhillipsJeffrey Phillips is a senior leader at OVO Innovation. OVO works with large distributed organizations to build innovation teams, processes and capabilities. Jeffrey is the author of Relentless Innovation and the blog Innovate on Purpose.


  2. Gijs van Wulfen
    Gijs van WulfenGijs van Wulfen leads ideation processes and is the founder of the FORTH innovation method. He is the author of Creating Innovative Products & Services, published by Gower.


  3. Paul Hobcraft
    Paul HobcraftPaul Hobcraft runs Agility Innovation, an advisory business that stimulates sound innovation practice, researches topics that relate to innovation for the future, as well as aligning innovation to organizations core capabilities.


  4. Tim Kastelle
    Tim KastelleTim Kastelle is a Lecturer in Innovation Management in the University of Queensland Business School. He blogs about innovation at the Innovation Leadership Network.


  5. Scott Anthony
    What Innovators Can Learn From GatoradeScott D. Anthony is managing director, Asia-Pacific, of Innosight, an innovation consulting firm, and author of The Little Black Book of Innovation: How It Works, How to Do It (Harvard Business Review Press, 2012).


  6. Greg Satell
    5 Principles of InnovationGreg Satell is an internationally recognized authority on Digital Strategy and Innovation. He is a speaker and consultant for digital innovation, innovation management, digital marketing and publishing, as well as offshore web and app development. Follow Greg @digitaltonto.

  7. Nicolas Bry
    Nicolas BryNicolas Bry is a Senior VP at Orange. He’s developed strong expertise in innovation management, creating digital business units with international challenges. He completed a professional thesis on rapid innovation at HEC Business School.


  8. Steve Todd
    Steve ToddSteve Todd is an EMC Fellow and author of the books Innovate With Influence and Innovate With Global Influence. As an EMC Intrapreneur with 200+ patents filed,  Steve is a Top 10 Innovation Blogger and EMC’s Vice President of Strategy and Innovation.

  9. Braden Kelley
    Braden KelleyBraden Kelley is a popular innovation speaker, embeds innovation across the organization with innovation training, and builds B2B pull marketing strategies that drive increased revenue, visibility and inbound sales leads. He is currently advising an early-stage fashion startup making jewelry for your hair and is the author of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons. He tweets from @innovate.

  10. Donna Sturgess
    Donna Sturgess is the President and Co-founder of Buyology Inc and former Global Head of Innovation for GlaxoSmithKline. Her latest book is Eyeballs Out: How To Step Into Another World, Discover New Ideas, and Make Your Business Thrive


  11. Clearworks - Customers, Connections, Clarity

  12. Mitch Ditkoff
    Mitch DitkoffMitch Ditkoff is the Co-Founder and President of Idea Champions and the author of “Awake at the Wheel”, as well as the very popular Heart of Innovation blog.



  13. Mike Brown
    Mike BrownMike Brown is an award-winning innovator in strategy, communications, and experience marketing. He authors the BrainzoomingTM blog, and serves as the company’s chief Catalyst. He wrote the ebook “Taking the NO Out of InNOvation” and is a frequent keynote presenter.


  14. Paul Sloane
    Paul SloanePaul Sloane writes, speaks and leads workshops on creativity, innovation and leadership. He is the author of The Innovative Leader and editor of A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing, both published by Kogan-Page.


  15. Mike Shipulski
    Mike ShipulskiMike Shipulski brings together people, culture, and tools to change engineering behavior. He writes daily on Twitter as @MikeShipulski and weekly on his blog Shipulski On Design.


  16. Scott Bowden
    Scott BowdenScott Bowden works on Innovation Programs for IBM Global Services.




  17. Rowan Gibson
    Rowan GibsonRowan Gibson is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on enterprise innovation. He is a co-founder of Innovation Excellence and author of the bestseller Innovation to the Core. Rowan Gibson is a much in-demand public speaker around the globe. On Twitter he is @RowanGibson

  18. Melba Kurman
    Melba KurmanMelba Kurman writes and speaks about innovative tech transfer from university research labs to the commercial marketplace. Melba is the president of Triple Helix Innovation, a consulting firm dedicated to improving innovation partnerships between companies and universities.

  19. Stefan Lindegaard
    Stefan LindegaardStefan Lindegaard is a speaker, network facilitator and strategic advisor who focus on the topics of open innovation, intrapreneurship and how to identify and develop the people who drive innovation.


  20. Drew Boyd
    Drew BoydDrew Boyd is Assistant Professor of Marketing and Innovation at the University of Cincinnati and Executive Director of the MS-Marketing program. Follow him at and at


  21. Kevin McFarthing
    Kevin McFarthingKevin McFarthing runs the Innovation Fixer consultancy, helping companies to improve the output and efficiency of their innovation, and to implement Open Innovation. He spent 17 years with Reckitt Benckiser in innovation leadership positions, and also has experience in life sciences.


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  23. Holly G Green
    Holly G GreenHolly is the CEO of THE HUMAN FACTOR, Inc. ( and is a highly sought after and acclaimed speaker, business consultant, and author. Her unique approach to creating strategic agility, helping others go slow to go fast, will change your thinking.


  24. Robert F Brands
    robert brandsRobert Brands is the founder of, and the author of “Robert’s Rules of Innovation: A 10-Step Program for Corporate Survival,” with Martin Kleinman – published Spring 2010 by Wiley (


  25. Faisal Hoque
    Faisal HoqueFaisal Hoque ( is Founder and CEO at BTM Corporation ( and founder of research think-tank BTM Institute ( His newest book is The Power of Convergence. Follow him on Twitter @faisal_hoque.

  26. Jeffrey Baumgartner
    Jeffrey BaumgartnerJeffrey Baumgartner is the author of the book, The Way of the Innovation Master; the author/editor of Report 103, a popular newsletter on creativity and innovation in business. He is currently developing and running workshops around the world on Anticonventional Thinking, a radical new approach to achieving goals through creativity — and an alternative to brainstorming.

  27. Adam Hartung
    Adam HartungAdam Hartung, author of “Create Marketplace Disruption“, is a Faculty and Board member of the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, Managing Partner of Spark Partners, and writes for “Forbes” and the “Journal for Innovation Science.”


  28. Mike Myatt
    Mike MyattMike Myatt, is a Top CEO Coach, author of “Leadership Matters…The CEO Survival Manual“, and Managing Director of N2Growth.



  29. Jorge Barba
    Jorge BarbaJorge Barba is an Innovation Insurgent and is the Creative Strategist at Blu Maya, a San Diego based Digital Marketing Firm that helps organizations build their online business with strategy development for new products and services. He’s also the author of the innovation blog Game Changer. And lastly, you can follow him on Twitter @jorgebarba.

  30. Peter Cook
    Peter Cook Peter Cook is Rock’n’Roll Innovation Editor at Innovation Excellence. He leads Human Dynamics and The Academy of Rock, and provides Keynote speaking, Organisation Development and Business Coaching. You can follow him on twitter @Academyofrock and contact him for a copy of his book Punk Rock Business.

  31. Gregg Fraley
    If Steve Jobs Worked for You, you'd probably fire himGregg Fraley is a creativity and innovation consultant. He currently works with Fortune 500 companies and does keynotes, workshops, training and consulting. The author of Jack’s Notebook, a business parable about creative problem solving, he is also a certified administrator of the Kirton Adaptor Innovator inventory which measures creative style.

  32. Sarah Miller Caldicott
    Sarah Miller Caldicott, is an innovation author and great grandniece of Thomas Edison. She is co-author of Innovate Like Edison, and author Inventing the Future: What Would Thomas Edison Be Doing Today? Sarah is professional speaker, and the Founder/CEO of Power Patterns of Innovation.

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  34. Dean DeBiase
    Dean DeBiaseA serial CEO and innovation speaker, Dean DeBiase is the Chairman and CEO of, co-founder of and Innovation Excellence, and a co-author of The Big Moo.


  35. David Paschane
    Managing BureaucratizationDavid Paschane, Ph.D. is the Government Editor of Innovation Excellence. He is an Organizational Architect from the Washington D.C area. He is an Associate Research Professor at UMBC; a Founder and Volunteer at Military Alumni Transition Career Headquarters (MATCH) and the Director of Strategic Initiatives at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

  36. Bill Fischer
    Bill FischerBill Fischer is the co-author (with Andy Boynton & Bill Bole) of The Idea Hunter (Jossey-Bass, 2011). Bill Fischer can be followed on Twitter at @bill_fischer


  37. Deborah Mills-Scofield
    Deb, founder of Mills-Scofield LLC, is an innovator, entrepreneur and non-traditional strategist with 20 years experience in industries ranging from the Internet to Manufacturing with multinationals to start ups. She is also a partner at Glengary LLC, a Venture Capital Firm.


  38. Stephen Shapiro
    Stephen ShapiroStephen Shapiro is the author of five books including “Best Practices Are Stupid” and “Personality Poker” (both published by Penguin). He is also a popular innovation speaker and business advisor.


  39. Saul Kaplan
    Saul KaplanSaul Kaplan is the Founder and Chief Catalyst of the Business Innovation Factory (BIF). Saul shares innovation musings on his blog at It’s Saul Connected and on Twitter at @skap5.


  40. Patrick Meyer
     Introducing PatrickTV - Innovation 3.0Patrick Meyer is the Global Correspondent for Innovation Excellence, and an Innovation and Business 3.0 Expert, Author and Keynote Speaker. He is the founder of PatrickTV and The CEO Futurist – Delivering The Future Now.


  41. Alex Osterwalder
    Alex OsterwalderAlexander Osterwalder is an entrepreneur and co-author of “Business Model Generation”, the global bestseller adopted by leading companies around the world. He is the founder of Business Model Foundry GmbH, the company behind the Business Model Toolbox for iPad and Strategyzer, an online app to design and execute better business strategies.


  42. Geovanny Romero
    How to Measure New Product Productivity in Your IndustryGeovanny Romero, is NPDP Plant Manager at Renovallanta-ContiLifeCycle. Managing Director at NPD Strategy in Andean Region. Member of PDMA International. His main interests are focused in Productivity, New Product Development and Lean Innovation Management. You can connect with him on Twitter @geovanny_romero


  43. Julie Anixter
    Julie Anixter is Chief Innovation Officer at Maga Design and the managing editor and co-founder of Innovation Excellence. She worked with Tom Peters for five years on bringing big ideas to big audiences. Now she works with the US Military and other high test innovation cultures that make a difference.


If your favorite didn’t make the list, then next year try to rally more votes for them or convince them to become an Innovation Excellence contributing author and they’ll earn more points based on the quality and the quantity of their contributions.

Over the next few days we will be putting together a PDF version of this list for printing or downloading to your iPad, Kindle, Nook, GalaxyTab, or other tablet, PC, or Mac. If you would like to advertise in this downloadable version of the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2012, please contact us.

Here are the lists from the two previous years in case you missed them:

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We’ll announce the contest winners of these fabulous prizes in a few days:

  1. FREE Conference Ticket to the Front End of Innovation EMEA (March 4-6, 2013) – $3,000 value
  2. 2 copies of the five-star book – Midnight Lunch by Sarah Miller Caldicott – $21.95 value (x2)
  3. TWO (2) signed copies of the five-star book – Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire by Braden Kelley – priceless

Happy New Year everyone!
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Braden KelleyBraden Kelley is a popular innovation speaker, embeds innovation across the organization with innovation training, and builds B2B pull marketing strategies that drive increased revenue, visibility and inbound sales leads. He is currently advising an early-stage fashion startup making jewelry for your hair and is the author of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons. He tweets from @innovate.


  1. Wow Braden; I feel really honored and grateful being elected in the top 5. It’s wonderful to get a compliment like this and to be part of a world wide innovation community. I hope that in 2013 more innovation managers and specialists from Asia, India, South America and Africa will join us as bloggers, like Geovanny Romero!

  2. i want to join innovative bloggers

  3. A great list… thanks…
    More (good) information on innovation is always welcome
    Here is a list we put together with 40 articles, 28 presentation and 22 Videos on Innovation

  4. I am honored to be recognized! Awesome cast to be part of…true thought leaders inside the leading global innovation resource. I love the momentum, the energy and the dynamic evolution of IX. MTV was once described as “360′ of Evolution & Revolution” …this is Innovation Excellence 3.0 now! Congrats to you all!

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