Monthly Archives: April 2013

GrowthToon™: Package Data into Information


The ability for companies to share, store, compute and analyze huge amounts of data can transform the way customers live and work. Data, while valuable, is a commodity that can be replicated by competitors relatively easily. As a result, true market success will be determined by the degree to which companies can convert raw data into information and information into services.

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Ways To Ruin Your Productivity

Knowing how to stay productive is key to leading a balanced and successful life. In our daily lives, we constantly face tons of responsibilities and to-do's, and by nature we associate production with doing as many things as possible. And doing as many things as possible requires multitasking, or so we believe...

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Surfacing Hidden Barriers to Innovation


To surface hidden barriers that might be blocking innovation does needs a conscious effort, a consistent questioning, validating and exploring to “peel away” and get at the root of the problem. Often it is simply the fear of moving from the current established practices into new ways and that stepping over is very hard and often very personal.Often in innovation adoption there are so many hidden barriers that need drawing out and resolving.

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Where Do You Put the Creativity?

One of the principle differences between anticonventional thinking (ACT) and most other forms of idea generation, such as brainstorming, creative problem solving (CPS) and scamper, is in where you should focus your creative thinking. Almost every creative thinking tool or process encourages you to be creative with ideas. It seems logical, doesn't it?

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Red Thread Thinking with Debra Kaye

Debra Kaye is an innovation and trends expert specializing in culture strategy and innovation for consumer brands. As such, she’s has helped define new areas of opportunity for a wide range of multi-nationals, including Colgate, Mars, McDonald’s, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, and Groupe Danone. Debra holds very strong opinions about what does and doesn’t work in innovation based on her years of experience around the world. For starters...

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