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Where Should Marketing Innovation Come From?


The world of marketing and advertising used to be very simple. In this simple environment, companies looked to their agencies to bring them innovations in marketing and/or advertising. But this simple world of marketing and advertising is being disrupted and made more complex in the same way that many other industries are (think book publishing, book retailing, management consulting, etc.).

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Can You Spare an Innovation Dime?


In the Great Depression it wasn't at all uncommon to see able bodied men selling apples on a street corner, or worse, holding a sign asking for spare change. The phrase "can you spare a dime" became synonymous with the era, as people sought any job, any way to earn money they could find. Of course, back then a dime was real money. Today, there's a new cry heard in many organizations..

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SCAMPER: The Path to Uncharted Territory


Competitive differentiation is just one of the conundrums we face on a daily basis. What can we do differently? How can we work through a problem? How can we delight our clients?Part of the my Innovation team’s mission is to teach proven methodologies to think creatively, driven from our belief that creativity is a skill that can taught and practiced.

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Trending: Beggin’s Spooktacular Canines


With Halloween festivities in full swing, a growing trend of dressing up 4-legged friends in Halloween costumes is evident both, online and in real life. Hundreds of costumed canines strolled in Tompkins Square Park in New York City on October 26th for the Halloween Dog Parade, the biggest and most highly competitive costume contest for dogs in NYC.

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99 Facts on the Future of Business

Business Innovation is the key ingredient for growth in the future of business. Changes in technology, new customer expectations, a re-defined contract between employees and employers, strained resources, and business and social networks are requiring businesses to become insight-driven businesses. In this presentation, we have gathered 99 facts that represent the changes taking place in the world today.

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Five Successful Ideation Session Essentials


The purpose of this paper is to highlight the “essence” (in its very scholastic sense) of ideation sessions. We believe that clear definition of the problem(s) to be solved, divergence and convergence, exploration inside and outside the paradigm, adaptive and innovative problem solving styles and an efficient facilitation process must all be elements of successful ideation.

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