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Do Innovations Destroy or Expand the Market?


Apparently Socrates in ancient Greece was strongly opposed to the new practice of writing. He thought that it would kill the long-established skill of memorizing and reciting long stories. Furthermore he thought that writing would replace or discourage conversation. It seems ludicrous that any intellectual could oppose writing. However, every innovation involves an element of destruction.

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The State of Business Innovation Today


Let's face it. Innovation has been over-hyped these past few years, forcing CEOs to proclaim it was and may still be critical to their companies. Middle managers have been assigned to be innovation managers and to innovate or else face the consequences. Idea management software has been bought, brains have been stormed dry and consultants of dubious nature have sold useless innovation advice..

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Invent the Future of Innovation


Business leaders, professionals, new entrants to the workforce and students understand the need to develop sustainable innovation capability as a path to professional and organizational growth. Yet many really haven’t been through the cycle of idea to commercialization, so there is a lack of practical experience. Learn about Global Innovation Certification here...

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Innovation by Acquisition in High-Tech


As workload complexity increased, applications began to utilize three very different forms of storage interfaces: block, file, and object. This in turn led to the deployment of different storage architectures within the data center: SAN, NAS, and CAS. Each of these three architectures internally organized application metadata in different ways...

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