Monthly Archives: February 2014

Beyond Open Innovation – Co-Innovation


While the quest for innovation as a source of future growth is a minimum common factor, among local and global enterprises, scholars and practitioners are yet to determine a common or universal definition of innovation: in fact because of the lack of consensus on the dimensions and measures characterizing innovation, we do mean different concepts when referring to innovation. However there are elements we almost all agree on:

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Cognitive Computing and Collaboration


Today, as we enter a new age of cognitive computing, we’re all going to have to learn to adapt and, in effect, fly-by-wire. Much of the skill and expertise that professionals used to spend an entire career earning is now being outsourced to computers and we, like the flyboys, will have to learn to partner with machines—and each other—in order to compete.

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The Five Sources of Innovation Consultants


Recently a newly minted MBA contacted me, expressing interest in work as an innovation consultant. What I found interesting was that the individual offered up the other firms he'd contacted, and from his note to me it was clear that he didn't understand the differences between firms that offer services in the "innovation space".

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Why Does Technology Need Young Women?


The benefits of encouraging young people to seek STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers are many. Those who seek careers in these fields will not only have jobs in the future, they will create the future. However, if individuals who have aptitudes in these areas were unable to pursue such a career, would we not consider this a waste of a valuable resource? An extremely large percentage of our populace consists of such individuals who do not pursue careers in STEM.

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Making a Run for the Innovation Border


Do you ever see a product that makes you wonder either: (A) Why didn't I think of that? (B) How come nobody ever thought of that before? Well, those are the thoughts that hit me when I opened the newspaper this morning and was greeted by a surprisingly tasty looking Waffle Taco that Taco Bell is launching to anchor their new breakfast menu.

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