Monthly Archives: September 2014

How To Think What No One Else Thinks


Want to think what nobody has ever thought? Easy,question assumptions. There comes a moment in time where everyone agrees with everybody about pretty much everything. For any sized organization that are focused on creating a culture of relentless innovation, hardened dogma is an innovation obstacle they must overcome.

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Are You Competing at Cloud Speed?


We live in an era of constant, accelerating change, and the only organizations that are equipped to keep pace are those that are capable of competing at cloud speed. Does trading out packaged software installed on your own servers for the cloud based versions offered by your vendor accelerate your organization to cloud speed?

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Creating a Common Language of Innovation


Unfortunately, there is no universally accepted definition of the word innovation, and there have even been multiple articles written by the Doblin Group, Geoffrey Moore and others about how many different types of innovation there are and how you must choose which types of innovation to focus on. When it comes to innovation, individuals speak about it differently and there are lots of misunderstandings.

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No Excuses! Hult Prize 2014


$1,000,000 dollars was gratefully accepted by NanoHealth, a startup that triumphed over five finalist teams before a packed room at the Clinton Global Initiative. It is one of many powerful stories surrounding and connecting a community of social entrepreneurs, students, mentors, supporters and guests.

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