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Learning What to Stop Doing in the New Year


The start of any new year is often a time for reflection, both from an individual and organizational perspective.  We examine our lives and try and figure out things we want to do better.  We aspire and strive, set ourselves challenges and goals that will make us better. Usually these are additive.  We strive to exercise more, or be more ...

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State Backing for R&D is Declining


Growth is a permanent feature of western economic discourse, with politicians of all stripes promising to deliver it as the path to prosperity.  Of course, economists have long since known that growth is only possible through innovation, so it is perhaps no surprise that governments around the world are investing heavily in innovation. You have reports like the annual INSEAD/WIPO ...

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War games and the forgetting challenge


One of the hardest challenges facing any organization that aspires to innovate is overcoming the existing orthodoxy.  This is especially so when that orthodoxy has become a successful and well celebrated part of your company’s past, and has led to the successful rise through the ranks of many of your senior executives. It’s a topic I’ve touched on before, with ...

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Building Coalitions for Change


Whether it’s the post-Brexit discussions or the US presidential debates, you could be forgiven that we’re living in a post-coalition world whereby change occurs less through building win-win consensus and more through zero-sum battles between people with nothing in common. Of course, in reality that is seldom the case, and if you’re going to try and change anything of substance, ...

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