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The Leaderless Organization

In the field of management, there’s no one more prominent than Gary Hamel, who The Wall Street Journal named “the world’s most influential business thinker” and who is the most reprinted author in the history of the Harvard Business Review. He’s pioneered popular concepts such as core competency, strategic intent and reinvention.

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5 Principles of Peak Performance

Cinderella, much like many stories of great accomplishment, is a fairy tale. We love hearing about the moment of triumph; the shot at the buzzer, the photo finish and the medals at the podium. The truth is boring - endless hours, repeated frustration and constant exhaustion. Here are 5 principles that determine whether it’s all worth it.

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The New Industrial Revolution

Most ideas go unnoticed because they require investment capital and distribution to make their way into the physical world. That’s beginning to change. While your ability to start a successful business still depends greatly on the place and situation of your birth many of the barriers to getting ideas to market are disappearing. We’re in the midst of a new industrial revolution, which is cleaner, more efficient and more inclusive.

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