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The Three C's of Innovation


During the monthly sales meeting, Arnold, a new Business Development Executive and something of a gadget freak suggested: “you know those hand-held devices the delivery people at UPS use to confirm receipt of your parcel? Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a device like that so we could take clients’ orders immediately and send them to production people? It ...

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10 Steps to Boost Corporate Innovation


Here are ten steps to boosting your corporate innovation efforts: 1. Know What Innovation Means Before you start on the path to innovation, be sure you know what innovation is and is not. A lot of CEOs say, “innovation is our number one priority.” Yet, I suspect many of them would be hard put to actually define innovation in simple ...

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Innovation Process Management (IPM)


With the growing popularity of innovation initiatives, ever more companies are launching their own actions. However, many are going forward in a piecemeal fashion, running a brainstorming event here, trying out an ideas campaign there and promoting innovation in vague ways in marketing communications. Such an approach works, somewhat, but it is not ideal. The best approach is to have ...

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Downsizing Workforce Downsizes Innovation


Not a day goes by in which we don’t hear about some major organization laying off thousands of employees. One of our salespeople recently followed up on a prospective client who had contacted us with strong interest in our idea management product. When the salesperson called the client, he was told that the client company had just laid off 15,000 ...

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Creative Idea Implementation Plan (v1.0)


There are a number of reasons why creative ideas fail to become innovations. Sometimes it is because the idea, which seems brilliant in concept, is flawed in application. More often, the problem is that organizations invest in creative ideation initiatives (often called “innovation initiatives”), such as brainstorming events, idea management, ideas campaigns and the like, but fail to invest in ...

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KISS – Keep Innovation Simple, Sweetheart


One of the underlying maxims of engineering is that of KISS, an acronym for “Keep It Simple, Stupid” or, as I prefer: “Keep It Simple Sweetheart”. And if you have ever watched a project evolve from concept to design to implementation, you will understand the importance of Kiss. When new ideas are at the drawing board, they are often simple, ...

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Are your ideas audacious enough?


In most business ideas, there is a direct correlation between how audacious and risky an idea is and its innovativeness and reward potential. Disruptive innovation – in other words, innovative ideas which disrupt industry and dramatically change a business sector – are inevitably audacious and highly risky. They are also highly innovative and, if they work as hoped, bring in ...

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The Corporate Innovation Machine


A simple model for implementing an idea management based innovation strategy in your firm. Outline The corporate innovation machine is a model for understanding how to implement an effective, idea management based innovation strategy in your firm. As with any machine, the corporate innovation machine comprises several components, all of which must work together for the machine to function properly. ...

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Central Role of Communication in Innovation


The one ingredient essential for a company to become an innovation driven firm is communications. Consider the old parable: One day while wondering, I came across three bricklayers. I asked the first bricklayer what he was doing. “laying bricks,” he told me. I asked the second what he was doing. “Making a brick wall,” he told me. I asked the ...

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The Risks of an Idea


Why innovative people in your firm may not be sharing their best ideas by Jeffrey Baumgartner Albert Einstein once said “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” How true. When someone comes up with a radically new idea, it is often hard to determine whether the new idea is brilliant or stupid ...

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