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Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Basics


Creative ideas do not suddenly appear in people’s minds for no apparent reason. Rather, they are the result of trying to solve a specific problem or to achieve a particular goal. Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity were not sudden inspirations. Rather they were the result of a huge amount of mental problem solving trying to close a discrepancy between the ...

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Turning Problems into Innovation Challenges

Corporate innovation – and indeed any kind of innovation – is never the result of spontaneous ideas appearing for no reason. Rather it is a process that begins with a problem or a goal and ends with the implementation of one or more ideas deemed to offer value to the organization. On those rare occasions when a researcher makes an ...

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Creative Idea Implementation Plan


(Version 1.0) by Jeffrey Baumgartner There are a number of reasons why creative ideas fail to become innovations. Sometimes it is because the idea, which seems brilliant in concept, is flawed in application. More often, the problem is that organizations invest in creative ideation initiatives (often called “innovation initiatives”), such as brainstorming events, idea management, ideas campaigns and the like, ...

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Evaluating Ideas

What’s the difference between a good idea and a bad idea? If you don’t know, then read on! When someone in a company proposes a new idea to management, an informal two step process is often followed – usually unconsciously. The first step is a gut-instinct evaluation. The manager looks at the idea, thinks about it and, if she likes ...

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Don't Multitask – Multithink Instead


I expect you are familiar with multitasking: the ability to perform more than one task simultaneously. Managers who like to overwork their employees love multitasking. They assume that if their employees are performing three tasks simultaneously, they’ll work three times as fast. The logic in that assumption is so thoroughly flawed, it is hard to believe that intelligent managers accept ...

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10 Creative Myths

Over the years, I have heard a lot of people say a lot of daft things about creativity. Some of those things, I hear again and again. What’s worse, a lot these daft notions – or myths – about creativity are detrimental to the creative process. So, let’s end this once and for all. Below are ten creative myths. If ...

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Innovation Strategies for a Recession

As the world dips into what is now being described as the worst recession since the 1930s, many businesses are revisiting their innovation strategies. Some, sadly, have decided to drop innovation activities all together. This strategy will only work — and to a limited extent at that — if their competitors adopt the same strategy. On the other hand if ...

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