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Why can’t your firm innovate?


by Jeffrey Phillips Recently there’s been a debate about why larger firms can’t innovate. Perhaps they are too comfortable. Perhaps they are too afraid to cannibalize their markets. Perhaps they are afraid of risk and uncertainty. Perhaps, Perhaps. Or maybe they operate under a management model that rewards compliance and punishes creativity. Now I think we are getting to the ...

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What is Government's Role in Innovation?


Recently a number of bloggers and Tweeters have linked to an interview with Greg Bialecki, who works for the governor of Massachusetts on economic development. The question posed to Bialecki was “What is the appropriate role for state government in accelerating innovation?”. Bialecki does a good job of straddling the many sides of the question, noting that many businesses are ...

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Design Driven Innovation


I was pondering recently why it can be so hard for a large firm to innovate successfully. Too often it seems we are trying to graft an innovation capability or process on top of existing teams and workflows. While these grafted processes can work effectively for a short time, while the white hot focus of management is felt, often these ...

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Innovation Perspectives – Do you need an innovation strategy?


This is the sixth of several ‘Innovation Perspectives‘ articles we will publish this week from multiple authors to get different perspectives on The Importance of Innovation Strategy: by Jeffrey Phillips I’ve thought for a while that it would be great to get a number of bloggers to write about the same topic, which would allow readers to have different perspectives ...

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Can You Have Slow Innovation?

by Jeffrey Phillips Just as the peacekeeper missile and “postal service” have entered the lexicon as oxymorons, I’d like to add another: slow innovation. Clearly, slow or cautious innovation is anathema to innovation and an oxymoron. Why is there such an emphasis on speed where innovation is concerned? Innovators have to respond quickly with new ideas, and implement the ideas ...

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Is Operational Excellence the Enemy?


OK I admit it. I’ve grown frustrated by the fact that a capability or insight that proves valuable to an organization – operational excellence – is also such a big impediment to innovation. It’s strange that something that in some regards is so good for an organization can also be so detrimental as well. How, you might ask, is a ...

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An Innovation ‘Quick Fix’


Recently we received a call from a potential client. The individuals I spoke with noted a number of significant issues preventing them from innovation effectively. As I recall there were several significant issues: an ‘engineering’ oriented culture, several large customers who demanded exceptionally high quality, few competitors and a complete lack of risk taking in the organization. The good news ...

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