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Shaping Innovation – two sides of the equation


The importance of focusing on providing the right environment and conditions through clear governance make up the formal and informal part of fostering innovation. We often forget to put considerable thinking through these aspects when we build any innovation management system. I’d like to explore these two sides of the equation: environment and governance.

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Involving HRM in Innovation

If we look at the broad areas that Human Resource Management has to cover and master in organizational development today, it can, perhaps, leave little time for adding in innovation into this array of demands.

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Managing Dogma, Mindsets and Needs


Sometimes you would be amazed at the underlying tensions that occur when you get into those discussions around the board table about how innovation contributes to strategic direction. Even managing the present portfolio of innovation initiatives get often so caught up in these underlying tensions, as it becomes another opportunity to open up the old wounds of bruising past battles and get back into those discussions again.

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Exploitation Across Different Innovation Horizons

This is the final blog within theThree Horizon series. What must not be forgotten is that we must manage the innovation activities across all the three horizons of innovation and that may on first glance make you believe this adds even more complexity. It doesn't, it is the opposite.

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Value of Managing Innovation Across Three Horizons


Previously I gave a short introduction to the three horizon approach arguing we should take a more evolutionary perspective across the entire innovation business portfolio by using this model. Going beyond that initial introduction- a trilogy of blogs now follows to extend your understanding on this more than valuable approach.

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