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Overview of Social Media Tools and Open Innovation


According to Wikipedia, a common thread running through all definitions of social media is the blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value. This fits well into what I see as the underlying concept of the intersection between social media tools and open innovation; it is about how we can involve various stakeholders in creating better innovation ...

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Power of Innovation Empathy

Two Kinds of Empathy for Successful Innovation

I believe that the innovation output would be much better if we really know and care about those we innovate with. How can we become better at this? Well, you can start by asking yourself questions like these: Why am I working with this person? What are the real reasons for us to do something together? Most often, the reasons ...

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Resource Allocation in Open Innovation


The “standard” scenario is that companies start small with open innovation. It is often just one guy charged to create some quick, small wins. If this works, more resources are added and a team with several people will be formed. Projects like this are common to companies so there is no reason to worry in the short-term. It is actually ...

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Big Companies Need Small Companies in their Open Innovation Ecosystems


Corporations that are taking the lead in open innovation are hoping to gain an advantage over their competitors as they will get access to a more diverse inflow of opportunities, which can lead to faster and better innovation. Specifically, as they look toward smaller companies to bring within the orbit of their open innovation program, corporations understand that small companies ...

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First Mover Advantage in Open Innovation


I spoke with innovation people from a big automotive manufacturer last week. We talked about the automotive industry and open innovation. They said that there is already lots of collaboration going on in their industry and that it resembles open innovation in same ways. It was interesting to hear their views and having some understanding of their industry, I agreed ...

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Small Companies and Open Innovation


A P&G Perspective by Stefan Lindegaard This is part of an interview I did with Chris Thoen, Managing Director of the Global Open Innovation office at P&G. The overall topic is the intersection of big and small companies in open innovation. Chris shares some great insights and I hope you will enjoy this… How well informed do you find small ...

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The People Aspect of Open Innovation


Opportunities versus Threats by Stefan Lindegaard In this blog post, Todd Boone, Director of Market Development at Psion shares some insights and experiences on the people aspect of open innovation. As you can read below, Todd focuses on making people understand that open innovation offers more opportunities than threats. I think this is a great approach. By the way, this ...

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Innovation Marketplaces


A Major Resource for Open Innovation by Stefan Lindegaard As open innovation becomes more widespread, the need increases for innovation marketplaces that can serve as intermediaries to which companies can quickly connect. Some of these intermediaries will serve niche markets, whereas others will be more general. Some will be set up by companies to meet their specific needs, and others ...

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