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Crowdsourcing = Marketing or Innovation?


When companies tap into the crowd in the right way, they can reap lots of benefits. They are primarily focused on innovation and marketing and while many believe (myself included) that the "proper” form of crowdsourcing leans towards the innovation benefits, we do see lots of initiatives that are more about marketing than innovation.

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LEGO and the Power of the Crowd


There is much talk these days about crowdsourcing and how companies can tap into the power and diversity of the crowd. I will share my views and perspectives on some good examples as well as bad ones in a series of blog posts.

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No CEO Engagement, No Innovation?


"Our CEO does not want to get involved in innovation. He just let us do it by ourselves.” There are both positives and negatives to this statement, which was shared by one of the participants at the Global Innovation Forum, when we had a brief talk.

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The Innovation Out-Performers


Marissa Mayer is doing some interesting things at Yahoo. When it comes to HR practices, she is definitely taking some heat (banning remote work) and this also goes with their latest initiative in which she pushes for a forced ranking of the employees.

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Strong Leaders in the Context of Innovation


I have often said that Apple is a bad example for learning on innovation because it is a very unique company (at least it was during the leadership of Steve Jobs). Since it was/is such a unique company, we should be careful on their innovation moves as they would be difficult to apply to a ”normal” company..

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When External Speed is Faster than Internal Speed


It’s true for all organizations. The outside world is just faster and they can do things better than what you can with your internal resources. It is a simple matter of size and diversity. This sounds like a total downside, but there are also opportunities related to this because your company does not have to be faster than the entire outside world.

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