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7 Steps for Building a Top 100 Innovation Company


I was recently asked these two questions on innovation culture: What would be your approach/steps to create an entrepreneurial and innovational culture? What are the elements, processes and tools that a large organization can typically do to become a top 100 innovative company?

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What’s the Next Big Thing after Open Innovation?

Yes, I am very early here. The paradigm shift in which companies to a high degree merge internal and external resources in order to bring out better innovation has just begun and companies will spend the next 5-10 years getting better at this. But still, what comes after this paradigm shift of innovation?

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New Ventures, Radical Innovation


I was recently asked some good questions by a corporate innovator, who is looking into corporate business plan competitions and how to work with new ventures. You can read her questions below where I also give my brief responses.

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Yes, Innovation Is Messy!


Today, innovation happens fast and the outcome is not always fully prepared for the customers. We see this fairly often within the IT industry and this is also the case with mobile payments at Starbucks..

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