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The Big Innovation Leap

How does a company move from a phase where innovation is more about awareness or curiosity to a phase where innovation is a capability that becomes a key element in the overall strategy? This is a big innovation leap that many corporate innovators struggle with.

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Open Innovation Side Effects


Open innovation will not only lead to new ways of making innovation happen. Innovation leaders and their executives will also experience side effects. I think most of these effects will be positive, but some will be mixed or perhaps even negative.

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Insights into Open Innovation


These insights are based on a recent interview I did with Allagi, an open innovation service provider in Brazil. I think the following benefits are the most relevant for small as well as big companies when it comes to open innovation:

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Innovating Innovation? General Mills Makes It Happen


General Mills is one of my favourite open innovation companies. They have great people on their open innovation team, G-WIN, who are always open to sharing their insights and experiences with others. They also constantly push themselves in their efforts to make open innovation even more successful at General Mills.

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Social Media and Disruptive Innovation


After giving a presentation on the value of social media in innovation efforts, one of the participants shared his views: “I don’t believe social media can help bring out disruptive innovation.”It was an interesting statement. First of all, I do not believe that you can plan for disruptive innovation. It simply has too many unknowns (technology or market-wise) making it difficult to plan for it.

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Open Innovation – Public vs Private

What are the similarities and differences when it comes to open innovation in the public and private sectors? I have been wondering about this question for a while and as I gather my thoughts, it would be great to hear other perspectives. Here you get my starting views for a good discussion.

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