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5 Keys to Making Innovation Communities Work


When I give talks on the intersection of open innovation and social media, I often get into discussions on what it takes to make a community work. This also happened when I met with the participants of the HYPE User Community, which is a group of corporate innovation people using HYPE innovation products and services. I have some experience on ...

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Making Open Innovation Work


In the excitement to begin open innovation efforts, it is possible to overlook important groundwork that should be done that will help assure that things go smoothly over time. This includes reaching agreement on goals and defining the desired outcome so that everyone is confident that the relationship will produce a win/win that is acceptable to both parties. It also ...

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How Should We Measure Innovation?


A company in my Danish network group recently created a global innovation management department whose task it is to strengthen and systematize innovation and innovation processes in their Global Research unit as well as across the organization. The ultimate goal is to enhance and make visible the value creation that happens through targeted research and discovery activities in the enterprise ...

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What Makes CEO's Good for Innovation?


I pondered on this question and decided to reach out to some of my friends at Psion, a leader on rugged mobile computing solutions. Their CEO is John Conoley. He joined Psion in 2008 and he decided early on that open innovation was the way forward for Psion. He does a great job of sharing insights seen from the executive ...

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When R&D Leaders are a Threat to Innovation


I recently had a discussion with a senior innovation leader in a mid-size high-tech company. The guy turned out to be pretty skeptical on open innovation and although I agree that open innovation to some extent is hype, I was still somewhat ticked off by his mindset. Personally, I do not have much reason to care about this. Business is ...

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Law of Big Numbers Kills Innovation


I just read a comment by Mike Hess in my 15inno group on LinkedIn. Mike is Vice President for Innovation Excellence at Medtronic and he is a very experienced corporate innovator worth listening to. Mike commented on my blog post on the differences between big and small companies and this is what he wrote: “Large companies also can become paralyzed ...

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Innovation Differences – Big vs. Small Companies


Anyone who has worked for both a large corporation and a small, entrepreneurial company can talk endlessly about the differences in the two cultures and mindsets. The differences can be stark. Let’s look at a few that impact the way the two types of organizations approach open innovation: 1. Speed of Decision-Making Large corporations, with their abundance of silos and ...

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3 Fundamental Open Innovation Questions


Here are three fundamental questions that must be answered before embarking on a journey toward open innovation: 1. What will open innovation do to your business model? In an open innovation world, you may end up working with anyone — even competitors. How will this impact your business model and alter your competitive landscape? This is perhaps less a concern ...

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