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An Open Innovation Disaster


Campbell Soup Company by Stefan Lindegaard “Innovation is the lifeblood of the consumer packaged goods industry.” This is the first sentence you meet at Campbell’s Ideas for Innovation website. This is very true and we see lots of interesting innovation initiatives in this industry. Just think of P&G, Clorox, General Mills, Nestle and Unilever. Campbell Soup is not a good ...

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Do You Really Need an Internal Innovation Unit?


Do companies really need internal innovation units in times where industry after industry has begun embracing open or external innovation? The question was triggered by comments made to a couple of my recent blog posts. It did not take much reflection. Of course, we need internal innovation units as they deliver value by themselves and since they hold key future ...

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Five Reasons Why CEO's Don't Get Innovation


Here are five reasons why I believe CEOs and other top executives often don’t support innovation, even though the business climate of our time demands it: The demand for short-term gains nearly always wins the day. Top executives at public companies are under enormous pressure to produce strong financial results each and every quarter. This is the area where they ...

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Open Innovation Examples in B2B and Hi-Tech


I was recently asked for examples on high-tech companies that practice open innovation. It is a good question as we most often see open innovation examples among low-tech and fast-moving-consumer-good companies. Nevertheless, open innovation is relevant for all industries and we are starting to see high-tech and B2B companies with open innovation-like initiatives that are visible to the public eye. ...

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Get Ready for Open Innovation


The leaders of successful small companies understand how important it is to have the right people in the right position. When resources are slim, the ability of everyone to do their job well matters tremendously. One or two weak links can spell the difference between success and failure. So it will come as no surprise when I say that people ...

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April's Top 3 Innovation Trends and Topics

What is happening in the innovation community right now? In this post, I give a quick overview of the top trends and issues based on the interactions and inspirations I have had over the last month or so. 1. User-driven innovation – does it work? How valuable is user input for innovation? This is a classic discussion that picked up ...

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BMW Not Serious About Open Innovation


Recently I read an article in Wall Street Journal on how the BMW iVentures capital fund plans to invest in smartphone app start-up firms. This was interesting so I decided to look further into how BMW approaches external contributions to their innovation efforts. This is one of the most respected car companies in the world and I still remember a ...

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