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New School is Old School


I just finished reading a mindless crime novel* – my favorite genre of book. The victim was the producer of an old television series who recently sold the rights to do a remake of the show. Fans were outraged. Most were purists who liked the original version and would do anything to prevent the new show…including kill the producer. The ...

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Insider's View on Microwork and a Sample Output


As readers of this blog know, I am always interested in exploring different forms of open innovation, collaboration, and outsourcing. Personally, I have used a number of sites including and I have used these for the development of logos, graphics, websites, and research. In most cases I would pay several hundred dollars for the work. An interesting trend ...

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It is Okay to Marry Your Work (Part 2)

Last week I wrote an article for American Express about marrying your work. Unlike the “ball and chain” picture that tends to pop into our heads, I espoused the merits of loving your job, just like you would marry a spouse you love. Be sure to read that article before reading on. I’ll wait. OK, now that you read the ...

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Why We Crave Goals

As many of you may know, my second book was called Goal-Free Living. Although it was originally going to be a book on how to be more creative, it morphed into a manifesto for a counter-cultural way of living. In fact, the “goal-free” philosophy will be featured in a major newspaper early next year. Stay tuned for that. Someone once ...

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Why Change is Hard


I am someone who loves change. In fact I sometimes change things simply for change sake. But I recently learned a powerful lesson on why change is difficult, even for someone like me who loves to stir things up. I bought a MacBook Pro a few weeks ago. Friends have been prodding me to buy Apple after a number of ...

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How to Motivate Innovators


Organizations use a variety of tools to motivate employees to participate in their innovation efforts. The most common form of motivation involves compensation via a points system. When you contribute an idea, solution, comment or vote, you get points – much like American Express Membership Rewards points – that can be used to buy a variety of items: company T-shirts, ...

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Do You Know Why You Are Successful…or Not?


I just gave a presentation on “Happiness at Work” in Norway. I started with the following question: “True or false – People with more money are happier.” 100% of the audience believed that the statement was false. In reality, the statement is true. Researchers have shown that people with more money are happier. When people hear this, they immediate assume ...

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Opposites Don't Attract


I remember a project I worked on many years ago. I was leading a large team and had a very large budget. I chose John to co-lead with me because we got along so well. I am a creative, spontaneous, and enthusiastic person and John was pretty much the same. The team loved working with us. We were fun, engaging, ...

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